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How to Tell if Someone Likes Me

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Tell if Someone Likes Me

"Does this person like me?" This must be one of the most asked questions in the history of humankind; not everyone has the same level of intuition or the same ability to perceive when someone is attracted to them.

So here at OneHowTo we want to give you the keys to the answer, regardless of your gender, to respond once and for all to the eternal question of how to tell if someone likes me?

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  1. Intuition and observation
  2. The look
  3. Proximity
  4. Orientation towards you
  5. Gestures when speaking
  6. Interest and conversation
  7. Obvious signs that someone likes you
  8. Do they really like you?
  9. What to do if someone likes you
  10. Implementation
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Intuition and observation

There are two indispensable tools for perceiving our environment. First, observation; then, intuition. This also applies in the field of attraction, and sometimes by looking at the right details we can determine whether someone likes us.

Body language usually speaks quite loudly, since it is difficult to control by the person expressing it. We will now share some indicators to look out for they can give away whether someone likes you.

The look

When someone feels attracted to you,their look is one of the most difficult elements for them to control. When first speaking to you, their eyes will wander across your face and fix in two particular points: Your eyes, a sign that they care about what you say, and your mouth, clear sign of desire, meaning that this person wants to kiss you. Another sign to look out for is blushing. Not everyone blushes easily, but if they do blush a lot when talking to you, it may be a sign that they like you.

Sometimes you can also surprise the person staring at you while you weren't looking, or watching certain points of your body that they may find attractive. If you catch them staring a lot, and they look away when you look back at them, they probably like you.

How to Tell if Someone Likes Me - The look


This part is clear: When someone is attractive, consciously or unconsciously, we want to be close to them. And so, putting aside moments of intimacy among friends, when someone from whom you have perceived certain signals approaches and searches for physical contact it is likely that they likes¡ you.

Often, when someone likes a person, they'll also look to physically touch them. They may gently brush your leg if you two are sitting next to each other, or touch your arm when telling a captivating story.

How to Tell if Someone Likes Me - Proximity

Orientation towards you

A good way to know if someone likes you is to pay close attention to the way they stand. If every time you start a conversation they are placed right in front of you, trying always to talk straight on or face you in some way, this is a sign that they want to get your attention.

Of course, this point of orientation must fit in with other contexts and other signals, otherwise you could interpret anyone who speaks to you from face-front as being attracted to you.

How to Tell if Someone Likes Me - Orientation towards you

Gestures when speaking

The level of relaxation experienced by a person when talking to you indicates how comfortable they can feel beside you. If they look relaxed, gesturing with hands or they touch parts of their body such as their hair when you talk to them, this is a good sign: it signals that they feel comfortable near you.

Remember that if someone likes you they won't always feel comfortable around you. On the contrary, sometimes when someone likes you, they will be very shy and nervous around you, especially if you are not close friends.

How to Tell if Someone Likes Me - Gestures when speaking

Interest and conversation

When someone likes you, almost instinctively that person wants to know more about you. So it is normal that they encourage conversations to get to know you, know your tastes, hobbies and if you have a partner or not. They will want your opinion on certain matters and always listen carefully to what you say.

When you state that you specifically like something a lot likely you will notice him or her paying extra attention, and remember what you said at a later time. There will also be jokes and playfulness in between, since humor is an infallible tool of conquest.

How to Tell if Someone Likes Me - Interest and conversation

Obvious signs that someone likes you

To these clues you can add obvious signs, as if for instance you feel that the person is excessively interested in you, flatters you, asks about personal things or problems that you may have mentioned. They may be attentive and looking to spend time with you and invite you to hang out alone. In short, everything that is associated with courtship.

How to Tell if Someone Likes Me - Obvious signs that someone likes you

Do they really like you?

Even if you like someone a lot, you must be objective: You can't read too much into situations. The type of body signals mentioned are quite specific and obvious, but mean something in a set context and not in isolation, i.e. if one day he or she touched shoulder to tell you something and has not done so since, it should be seen as an isolated event that probably doesn't mean much.

What to do if someone likes you

When the attraction between two people is obvious, one of the two will inevitably have to take the next step. Perhaps it is necessary to be certain that the circumstances are right to approach that person, so it may be good to wait. Therefore, from now on, take note and observe closely to see whether they really like you or not.


To implement these tips and look for your perfect match, we recommend registering on AdultFriendFinder or Meetic. These sites will enable you to meet people from home and, little by little, work towards having a relationship; but it is important that you apply these tips to know if the person you are getting to know likes you or not.

This is how to know if someone likes you: Watch their attitude and body language, and if in doubt, ask a friend's opinion!

Share your tips in the comments section. Do you have any good stories?

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How to Tell if Someone Likes Me