How To tell If Your Girlfriend Is In Love With You

How To tell If Your Girlfriend Is In Love With You

Falling in love is an adventure, a rollercoaster of emotions and a journey. Euphoria can often be replaced with extreme anguish in a matter of seconds. Your whole world often revolves around your lover and it's often hard to control the intensity of the feelings you have for them. However, with the demands of everyday life, it's easy to become complacent and fall into a rut in your life together as a couple. If you're wondering whether your sweetheart still loves you in the same tender, magical way as the beginning of your romance, look no further than this article. Here at OneHowTo, we'll explain how to tell if your girlfriend is in love with you. Do her feelings for you still run deep? Find a way to rekindle the passion you once had.

Steps to follow:

If you're at the center of her life, there's no doubt that she's still in love with you. Commitment and choosing to spend most of her time in your company is a strong hint that you are still one of the most important things in her life. If she has an active social life, don't be paranoid and think that she has fallen out of love with you. Spending time with friends is healthy and you should be more worried if she spends every single moment with you. Having said that, it might be a cause for concern if your partner suddenly starts hitting the town every single night.


If your girl wants to introduce you to her family and involve you in family activities, she definitely loves you. Family is one of the most precious things in many people's lives and involving you in family activities is a strong indicator that she wants you to form part of it.


Relaxation and confidence. To keep the spark between you, it's important that you feel comfortable with each other. If she feels at ease with you and is able to talk openly about things without fearing being judged, she clearly trusts you.


She introduces you to her social circle. This shows that she loves you because she's willing to share the most important parts of her life with you. If she truly loves you, she'll involve you in her everyday life.


Another clear sign that your girl loves you deeply is if she is there for you during the tough times. Illness, injury, changes, losing your job ... If she offers you unconditional support during the most testing of times in your life, there is no doubt whatsoever that she loves and cherishes you deeply.


Another obvious sign that your sweetheart still has eyes for you, is if she won't stop talking about you. She clearly loves you if she is proud to mention your name or is eager to talk about any subject linked to you. You're her first thought.


Your girl is clearly in love with you if she takes interest in your job, your family, your hobbies and interests. Even if she doesn't share the same interests as you, she'll still be eager to discuss it and might even get involved herself.


Finally, if she gives you freedom to do your own thing, it's a sign that she trusts you. Likewise, she doesn't become jealous or angry when you spend time with your friends.


If your partner's behavior doesn't tick any of these boxes and you doubt she loves you, sit her down and talk things through with her. If you feel she's lost interest in you and you no longer spend time together, it's time to face this problem head on and discuss your options with your partner. If your girl, on the contrary, ticks all the boxes above, there's no denying that she feel happy with you and loves you completely.


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