How to Treat an Irritated Scrotum

By Mary Smith. Updated: March 24, 2022
How to Treat an Irritated Scrotum

The skin of the genital area is rather delicate so any kind of rubbing, wearing unsuitable fabrics or other factors could end up irritating it and causing a great deal of discomfort. As in the case of women with vaginal dryness, it's very uncomfortable for men to have stinging in their penis, so at we'll give you some tips about how to treat an irritated scrotum and restore your skin's health.

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Steps to follow:

The penis skin is a very sensitive area so it's important to treat it gently. Start by thoroughly and gently drying your scrotum when you get out of the shower, because accumulated moisture in the area can cause discomfort and irritation. If you have an irritated scrotum right now, wash the area with warm or cold water to relieve the itching and avoid hot water because it will only worsen the irritation. Then, gently dry the area


Don't wear underwear or pants that are too tight around your genital area. Tight, uncomfortable clothing can cause irritation. Similarly, always choose cotton briefs that are more comfortable and gentle on the delicate skin of your scrotum. Your clothes may be the problem and to treat an irritated scrotum you should wear loose-fitting clothes


Men with dry skin most often have an irritated scrotum, so the first step to treating the irritated skin of the penis is to use a mild moisturiser after bathing. Make it a habit and you'll no longer have dryness in this area


Like women with vaginal dryness, your scrotum may become irritated by perfumed soaps. To wash your penis, it's better to use unscented soaps, with a neutral pH that are gentle on your skin. Don't use antibacterial soaps that can cause a lot of dry skin on your penis


Sometimes moisture collects and wearing tight underwear can cause bacteria in the skin of the scrotum, a condition that requires medical attention and the use of antifungals. If your scrotum is irritated for more than a week, it's best to visit your doctor for a check-up

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How to Treat an Irritated Scrotum
How to Treat an Irritated Scrotum

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