Is it Normal for a Married Couple to Sleep in Separate Beds?

Is it Normal for a Married Couple to Sleep in Separate Beds?

Sleep is one of the fundamentals of getting plenty of rest and getting your energy levels back up. Without a good night’s sleep people tend to be grumpy, irritable and desperately lunging for a cup of coffee. People grow up sleeping in their own bed; but as soon as they marry they will start sharing a bed. Some people snore, some people move a lot and some people are very picky when it comes to the amount of light in the room. That is to say, it is not easy to sleep with someone else in the same bed.

In this oneHOWTO article we answer the question: is it normal for a married couple to sleep in separate beds?

Couples sleeping in separate beds

You may be surprised of how many couples sleep in different beds and even in different bedrooms. Experts claim that it is not a bad idea since many people have different preferences when it comes to sleep. For instance, if your husband snores it may affect your quality of sleep and you may hold that resentment towards your partner. It is not as if he or she is doing it intentionally.

Moreover, as much as you may love each other, everyone needs their own space. Think about all the times during your teenage years that you headed up to your room for some alone, private time. When you are married, you may still want some alone time and if you share everything it is hard to get that needed breather.

Couples sleeping in the same bed

Most people have hectic schedules and will spend most of the day outside from home. It is in the evening or in the early morning that they tend to interact with their partner. If you are sharing the same bed you are more likely to engage in some needed conversation. The bedroom tends to be a peaceful and quiet place and thus you may want to be more intimate and caring.

In that same note, marriage is about spending the rest of your life with another person. You should find enjoyment from spending time together and sharing the same bedroom.

When should couples sleep in separate beds?

Foremost, you should give it a try and sleep in the same bed. You will probably need to compromise; but it doesn’t have to be hard to find a common ground. Maybe you want to put on a sleep mask if you can’t sleep with some light coming in from the windows. Similarly, ear plugs may work in the case of snoring.

However, if you still find it hard to have a restful night’s sleep try switching to separate beds for a few times a week. Separate beds may work if you notice that having a hard time sleeping is affecting the quality of your health and the health of your relationship. If sleep is becoming a topic that keeps coming up or you start fighting about it, this may be a solution you may want to try.

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