Is it Possible to Lose your Virginity to Yourself?

Is it Possible to Lose your Virginity to Yourself?

Deciding to have sex for the first time marks a big step into adulthood. Feeling nervous, anxious and scared about having sex if you are a virgin is completely normal. Some people want their first time to be special by putting a lot of thought into it and by choosing to do it with the right person. On the other hand, some people prefer to get over it as quickly as possible thinking it will feel awkward anyways and it will get better eventually. Losing your virginity can become a great deal; but can you actually lose it to yourself?

In this oneHOWTO article we answer the question: is it possible to lose your virginity to yourself?

What does being a virgin mean?

Without sex, people wouldn’t have babies, which means it is a physiological need of the human body. However, when people start having sex it isn’t usually to start having babies; but to engage in a pleasurable act with a significant other. There are varied bedroom practices that are considered “sex”. These range from simple foreplay, to oral sex, vaginal intercourse and anal sex.

A virgin is essentially someone who has never had sex. Traditionally, this means that a girl or a boy has not engaged in vaginal intercourse; but may still have engaged in other forms of sexual activities such as masturbation or petting. If someone has engaged in oral sex, this person might still be considered a virgin.

What does hymen mean?

It seems that having sex for the first time is much more delicate for females. This may be due to the fact that it tends to be more painful for girls than boys as a result of the stretching of the hymen.

The hymen is a small membrane that surrounds the opening of the vagina. This fleshy tissue will stretch open when the man inserts the penis into the vagina and may cause some swelling or bleeding. Historically, the “tearing” of the hymen was the event that meant that a woman had lost her virginity.

Can I lose my virginity by masturbating?

Many women who have never had sex will masturbate to receive pleasure or will receive masturbation from a partner. Masturbation can be performed by inserting toys or fingers into the vagina or simply by rubbing the clitoris. Other forms of masturbation include touching other sensitive areas of the body. Sometimes, women may notice some bleeding from the vagina after masturbating. This may prompt them to believe that they may have stretched their hymen and lost their virginity. It is very unlikely that a woman will stretch the hymen just from masturbation or any other forms of strenuous activity.

Above all the speculation, it is majorly agreed that for a woman to lose her virginity and for a man to lose his virginity, they must have engaged in vaginal sexual intercourse for the first time. With regards to same sex couples, this can be understood as vaginal intercourse for females and anal intercourse for males.

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