Sapiosexual Women- What Are They?

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
Sapiosexual Women- What Are They?

In terms of sexual attraction, there is still much to discover, with many new terms being coined and several interesting facts to learn, especially regarding women. And for many women, there are various ways in which sexual attraction occurs, and certainly one of the most powerful is intelligence. Those women that consider the brain to be the greatest aphrodisiac are called sapiosexual women. Do you know what this means? At we'll explain it.

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It's enough to know ourselves to determine what it is that attracts us to a man or a woman. Each person will have different responses, but women who consider intelligence to be the most attractive characteristic, more than physical appearance or clothing, are undoubtedly sapiosexual women.


This doesn't mean that sapiosexual women don't feel attracted to a handsome guy, it only indicates that what most attracts them is a good conversation, an interesting reflection, or particular knowledge in a certain subject, etc.

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Sapiosexual Women- What Are They? - Step 2

This trait works both in favor and against women who are sapiosexual. In favour, because attraction isn't just about physical appearance. It can occur when a woman meets a man that she considers intelligent and feels powerfully attracted to him, regardless of whether or not the guy is handsome.

But the same is true of the opposite. The fact is that after the initial attraction and burst of excitement, a man who is handsome but who doesn't have these characteristics will cause a sapiosexual woman to lose interest almost immediately.

Sapiosexual Women- What Are They? - Step 3

Studies show beyond a doubt that intelligence is a factor of sexual attraction, so it is normal to be a sapiosexual woman. In fact, there is a greater tendency among women that characteristics such as intelligence, talent, culture or certain values influence their attraction and infatuation with a man.


Of course, sexual attraction also has to do with pheromones, the scents, sounds and visual aspects that make us to look at another person. But for that to happen, something more than simple attraction must occur, the brain must be engaged to discover the sensitive side of a person, their talents and intelligence.

How many women noticed their attraction to a man from the moment they discovered that they shared a common interest? Or how many women considered a man to be sexy because he knew how to cook, or played an instrument or was a specialist in a specific subject? That's just the brain acting in the process of attraction, that ultimately people end up choosing a person with whom they can establish more communication and bonding with. Therefore, it can also be interpreted as being a fetish, as both men and women, no matter their orientation, can be considered sapiosexual.

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I did not know that I was a sapiosexual woman. However, I knew that I wanted a man to "engage" my brain. I love hearty conversations. I love to be engaged in a conversation with my man who has a different opinion, more importantly a different point of view. Maybe different political points of view. At this time, we would have a lot to talk about if we did not share the same political party.
Sapiosexual Women- What Are They?
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Sapiosexual Women- What Are They?

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