Sex Positions To Lose Belly Fat

Sex Positions To Lose Belly Fat

Do you want to lose belly fat in an easy and fun way? Sometimes there’s just not enough time in the day to work, go to the gym and enjoy yourself. This is why many people try to accomplish multiple things at one time. Have you ever heard of ‘sex-ercise’? If you are looking for an alternative way of losing belly fat, you’ve come to the right place!

Sex is a physical activity that, in addition to being somewhat more fun than a gym session, can allow you to lose a few kilograms while also receiving optimal pleasure. Are you looking for the best sex positions to lose belly fat? If so, you cannot miss this oneHOWTO article where we discuss these sex positions, pictures included!

Sex positions to lose stomach fat: doggy style

One of the most popular sex positions to lose belly fat is doggy style. Not only does it help reduce fat around the waistline but it also works and tones other areas of the body including the buttocks and thighs.

How to do ‘‘doggy style’’

But, how do you do doggy style? Well, follow these steps:

  • The woman should be set on her hand and knees.
  • The man places himself behind her , entering her vagina from behind.
  • Once both of you are placed, the man should follow the woman's rhythm.

Doggy position can be enjoyed in several different ways. You can also try this position lying down completely, with the woman’s legs opened wider. This, however, does not require as much energy as when sitting up.

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Sex positions to lose love handles: bridge

The bridge sex position requires a little bit more skill, flexibility and strength than others. However, this is one of the best sex positions to lose abdominal fat and tone other body parts, including the inner thigh muscles, buttocks, biceps and binoculars.

Have you ever tried yoga or Pilates? If yes, you’ll surely know how to do a bridge position. If not, we’ll explain...

Bridge sex position

  1. The woman should like down on her back. Putting weight into her arms and shoulders, she lifts her hips (refer to image below).
  2. Once in this position, the man will penetrate her, resting his knees on the ground while holding her buttocks for extra support.
  3. In addition, he can also hold the woman’s bum with one hand and rub her clitoris with the other.

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Sex position to lose calories: standing up

Practicing sex standing up while looking at each other is more difficult than you may image. This complete exercise tones both the abdomen and arms. This standing sex position also requires intensive balance and strength.

How to have sex standing up?

If you want to lose weight having sex, standing up is a great what to do it!

  1. The man will stand up straight, he can lean back with one arm on a wall (if he needs too).
  2. The woman will place herself onto his penis, with her legs wrapped around his hips and her arms around his neck.

If you are not strong enough to enjoy this position to its fullest, there is another option. The second options is for the woman to place on leg down and have the other wrapped around the man’s body. This will give both partners more balance, take some weight off the man and allow the woman to have better control when moving her hips. These such hip movements are also great for waist toning!

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Sex positions to help lose weight: spider

The spider sex position is another front runner in sex positions to lose weight. In order to perform this sex position correctly, both of you will have to lie face to face with your legs stretched out:

  1. Once you are in this pose, the woman will have to lean back with her forearms, while ‘‘sitting’’ above the man.
  2. The man will balance off the floor with the weight on the palms of his hands.
  3. The woman will then have to lift herself, placing herself onto her man’s penis.
  4. From here, the thrusting motion from both man and woman will result in tighter stomach muscles and better orgasms!

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Best sex position for weight loss: wheelbarrow

The wheelbarrow sex position is a classic sex position known by many for its great physical benefits.

How do you do the wheelbarrow sex position?

  1. Th woman should place herself onto her hands and knees on the floor.
  2. Now, while raising one of her legs, the man will have to her while standing behind her (similar to doggy).
  3. Once comfortable holding her by one leg, the woman will raise her other leg, simulating a wheelbarrow.
  4. Once placed in this position, the man will begin to penetrate from behind.

The wheelbarrow sex position is a great way of losing abdominal fat and also working on toning the arms and buttocks.

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