Sex Positions with the Woman on Top

Sex Positions with the Woman on Top

There are many different positions you can try to achieve maximum pleasure during sex. When the woman is on top, the entire penis is inside the vagina which achieves intense stimulation for both partners.

If you want to discover some sex positions with the woman on top, oneHOWTO will describe the most popular and easiest ones to try. They're not only exciting, but very stimulating.

The hammock

As the name implies, this position to make love involves the swinging movement of a hammock. To do this position, the man should sit on the bed or on the floor with his legs slightly bent. The woman should sit on top of him, placing her legs around his waist, and thus begins penetration.

This woman on top movement gives her the ability to control the pace and rhythm and both partners will have their hands free to caress each other. Manual stimulation and masturbation can be very sexy to watch. Another advantage of this sitting sex position is that it's also one of the positions that burn the most calories too!

Reverse cowgirl

It's one of the woman on top positions most liked by men. The reason is that they have a sexy view of their partner's rear. To do this position successfully, the man must lie down on the bed and the woman should sit on him but face away from him. With her legs bent, she can gently rock, allowing for full penetration of the penis inside her vagina. By having both hands free, each partner can stimulate one another. He can touch her back and breasts and she can play with the man's testicles and legs. Or, the woman can stimulate her clitoris - which helps to increase her pleasure further. It is a very good position to try with a taller woman.

The biggest challenge with this woman on top movement is that if the man's penis curves towards his body, it is pointing away from the female's G-spot. In order to combat this, the woman could try lean back as she rides him.

Chair sex

If you get the urge in an unexpected place, either in the car, office or a public bathroom, chair sex is ideal to unleash your passion, and is very good if you are having sex with a taller woman. As you can see in the image below, this is one of the most passionate and romantic sex positions because the lovers' bodies are intertwined.

The trick for this position is to find a chair or the edge of the bed where the man can sit at a 90 degree angle while the woman sits on top of him. After positioning herself over the penis, this woman on top movement allows her to set the pace. While she is in control, they can stimulate each other by kissing, caressing and whispering in each other's ears. In this position, it's much easier to enjoy a super intense and pleasurable orgasm.

The sitting chair position can also be reversed. How? It's very easy! Instead of being face to face, the woman can sit with her back to him, allowing the man to stimulate her breasts as well as her clitoris.

Close contact

If you want a more romantic and tender experience, try the close contact position. To make love in this position, make sure that the surface where you're doing it isn't too soft (i.e., no beds and instead opt for the floor, a table or a hard surface). The reason for this is that the swaying motion can be difficult to achieve without a hard surface.

To do this position with the woman on top, the man should be seated with his legs crossed. With the woman on top of him and using her legs, she'll be able to move to the rhythm that she sets. The proximity of their bodies allow the lovers to kiss, whisper in each other's ear and hug during sex.

Lap love

The man should sit with his legs straight with the woman on top of his lap, perpendicular to the floor. This helps to maintain balance and make the necessary movements while she supports herself with her hands on the floor. With this position, the penis fits completely inside of the woman. It helps to enjoy this position on a harder surface so the woman can bounce on her partner with ease.

The Amazon

Although visually it may seem like a difficult position, the fact is that if you manage to do it well, the pleasure is spectacular. The man lies on the bed, with his legs folded up but with enough room for the woman to sit on top of him. She is in a squatting position and can set the pace of the movement and hold his hands to maintain balance. Some women find this position daunting because stamina is required. But in reality, the sensations are all worth it. And, the man can enjoy the view of his active partner. It's a winner all round.

In addition to sex positions with the woman on top, there are others that will increase the pleasure of your sex life. At oneHOWTO you can find some ideas on how to enjoy sex to the fullest: sex positions while standing, sex positions from behind or positions for anal sex. Enjoy!

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