Sexually Compatible Signs with Libra

By Mary Smith. Updated: December 4, 2017
Sexually Compatible Signs with Libra

Your astrological sign not only determines part of your character and behaviour, it also determines who you get along with, as a friend and as a lover. Are you a Libra or have you fallen for one? Will you fall in love with a Libra? Then you need to discover what signs are sexually compatible with Libra.

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When trying new and exotic things, Libra stands out from the others. People born under this sign are always open to adventure, which they find very appealing, and they seek maximum satisfaction for themselves and their partner.


Libras are loving and dedicated lovers. They endless love to please their partner. In bed, they love fondling, kissing and foreplay, and with them your arousal and passion are more than guaranteed than with anyone else.

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Although they may be quite romantic, they are also mad for wilder and more intense sex. And as seekers of new experiences, they are drawn to having sex in public places or unusual erotic places for a perfect mix of passion and fun.


Pleasure and new experiences are very important to Libras, and they can enjoy them to the fullest with the star signs that they are sexually compatible with such as Aries, Gemini, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius.


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Next I will look for a Libra girl to serve as a wife.
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I like Libra girls because besides being beautiful, she is also friendly and seductive

Sexually Compatible Signs with Libra
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Sexually Compatible Signs with Libra

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