The Best Places to Go on a First Date

The Best Places to Go on a First Date

A first date is a decisive moment for getting to know the person you like better. That first encounter is the moment of truth, as it will either help to start a possible future relationship, or not, as the case may be. If you are wondering about where to take the person you're interested in, read on, because this decision may determine whether it is a success or not. In this article, here are some ideas for the best places to go on a first date.

Have a drink in a cafeteria

It is best to not give in to romanticism on a first date. It's worth finding a simple, comfortable place where you can start a conversation and give a good first impression. An ideal place is a unique cafe which is nice and quiet, where you can talk without too much noise or disturbance. There's probably a perfect cafe for your date. Having a coffee together is a great way of meeting that person you're attracted to for the first time. You can make that date as long as you see fit. It could last 15 minutes or be lengthened to anything you want.

Go to the movies

Another idea for a first date is to go to the cinema or theater if this is one of your hobbies. You could meet up for a while beforehand to have a drink, decide on the film or the play and then have a good chat about what you've seen after. It's a perfect plan for shy people to help stimulate conversation. No doubt there will be an interesting and popular option for you to share a good time with the person you like.

Go to eat out at a trendy restaurant

Another idea for a first date is to go out and eat at a trendy restaurant. If you know about your future partner's gastronomic tastes, you can surprise them by making a reservation in a place that you know they'll like. Given it's a first date, it's best if the food doesn't take too much time, so you could make a reservation that's later in the evening, so the place is close to closing time. That way, you won't be forced to have a long meal if you're not having fun.

A date outdoors

Another simple idea for a first date is to find a place outdoors that you like. You can improvise and stop at any park or natural area that you find, or meet somewhere that is accessible, quiet and beautiful, where you can talk and even have a drink. If the person you like has a pet, a good plan is to go for a walk together, so you're able to get to know each other in a comfortable and informal environment. Plus you can always play with your four-legged companions if the date just doesn't work. Take a look at our article on how to pack a romantic Picnic basket for more information.

Go to a bowling alley

A first date always creates some uncertainty, so a good place to have a special but unpretentious date is to play bowling or any other kind of light-hearted fun activity. You can talk, play and have a fun-filled time at a bowling alley, and even play more activities like pool, table football or darts. There is nothing better than playing something to stimulate conversation and make everything flow easily.

Go to a skating rink

A good place to have a good date is a skating rink. If you know that the other person is a sports enthusiast and likes skating, for example, you could plan a meet up to go to a skating rink where you can chat, skate and spend a great afternoon together. If you don't like skating, it could be any other activity like running on the beach or cycling in the mountains. It doesn't need to be a competition, but you should view it as a time to talk and make initial contact whilst doing something fun.

Go to a tasting

An entertaining and interesting choice for a first date is to go to a food tasting. There's no doubt some kind of food that you like (Japanese, Italian, vegetarian, for example). Choose a day when it is celebrated and have a good time tasting food with that person you like so much. It will be fun, stimulating and very entertaining. You can also learn a lot more about your potential partner.

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