The Best Qualities that Attract a Man

The Best Qualities that Attract a Man

Many women think that in order to seduce a man she has to be very beautiful, have a fantastic body and say yes to whatever he decides. But in reality a man wants a totally different type of woman with whom they can feel happy, proud and who can, most importantly, give them a challenge. In this article I reveal the best qualities that attract a man that you should work on

A woman who has mental maturity and knows what she wants

One of the best qualities that attract a man is a woman who knows perfectly well what her interests are, has her feet on the ground and is completely clear about what she wants to accomplish in her life. She doesn't depend on others to be happy, she knows what she wants and goes for it without hesitating. Men love determined women. Even though a man loves to protect his girl, he also feels proud to have a girl that does not depend 100% on him to be successful. We recommend you read our article about 5 mistakes women make when trying to seduce a man in order to avoid making these mistakes.

She feels secure and confident and above all, she has self-respect

A woman who wins over a man and drives him crazy knows that she doesn't have a model's body and doesn't care. She feels secure about herself, confident, and doesn't spend her life comparing herself or feeling less than others. She knows her worth and does not down-run herself at all. She knows that her man is with her because he has found what he was looking for and doesn't waste time thinking about nonsense. She also respects herself, appreciates her space and respects her partner's time and space while expecting the same in return.

She feels beautiful and doesn't stress out over a little extra weight

A woman that can drive any man crazy is one who feels beautiful in every way no matter if she is much taller than him, or has a few extra kilos or not. She knows she is beautiful inside and out and you can see it in everything she does. Her man appreciates her security, and every effort she makes to look and feel better can make her man feel that he is with the most beautiful woman on the planet, because despite not being on the cover of a famous magazine, she makes him feel that he has hit the jackpot by simply being at his side.


It's not about laughing at a man's not-so-funny jokes as some of you may think. Men love a woman with a good sense of humor, who can make jokes and laugh at herself too. A man can also appreciate when a woman finds him genuinely funny, so it's not a question of hiding your smile either! Remember laughing and smiling sends the message you feel happy and comfortable with someone and we all love a smile!

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