The Best Sex Positions for Tantric Sex

The Best Sex Positions for Tantric Sex

Tantra is a type of yoga that focuses on sex. It's ideal for those who are on a spiritual quest, who see sex as something beyond the carnal desire and as a tool for growth both as an individual and as a couple. If you're just starting out or on the other hand, if you already are a faithful follower of tantra, at oneHOWTO we want to share with you the best sex positions for tantric sex.


The Merger tantric sex position

The Merger is a great position for tantric sex. Penetration is slow and in a circular motion, always moving slowly to control the sexual energy. This position is good for pausing to caress and kiss. It doesn't allow for full bodily contact, just penetration and drawn-out pleasure.

Missionary for tantric sex

Missionary, a great sex classic, is a good position for beginners of tantric sex, even though it may be the most common, as it is the man who controls the pace and penetration and can stop for a while when he feels the urge to ejaculate, and go back to kissing and caressing.

Missionary can also be performed with the woman on top with both partners with their legs closed. This will improve friction and will help the woman in performing sliding motions.

Merger variation

Another variation of The Merger, this position gives the partners more contact, letting the woman set the pace, moving with the penis in circular motions and feeling the energy flow. However, the man needs to be able to control himself to avoid to reaching orgasm sooner than desired.

The delight for tantric sex

In this position, known in the Kamasutra as The Delight, the man gets to control the pace and is also able to caress his partner, which makes this position for tantric sex is a very pleasant option for both partners.

The catapult tantric sex position

The catapult is also a pretty easy position, it will give deep penetration, ensuring maximum pleasure, and will also allow the man to control most movements to retrieve when he is about to ejaculate. It will also be an energy saver as tantric sex sessions can go on for quite a long time.

The hammock tantric sex position

Another great sex position for tantric sex is the hammock, in which the man is sitting with his legs lying flat and the woman is on top, with her knees leaning on the bed or surface. This is also great for tantric sex as the woman also sets the pace, friction is large but will allow for long sex sessions in which you can both explore each other's bodies.

Another similar position that allows for great tantric sex is the close contact position, in which both partners are sitting and warp their legs around each other. This is a more intimate and romantic sex position that will also give you hours of intense sensations.


In tantric sex, positions are chosen according to preference. It's about mastering the sexual energy of both partners and bringing them to the point of climax at their maximum peak. However, here are some tips that may be useful for beginners in this art that combines sex and meditation.

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  • A good starting point is to look for guidance, either through books, classes or ask a professional therapist.