The Most Common Mistakes Made in Relationships

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
The Most Common Mistakes Made in Relationships

If you find yourself going through a hard time with your partner and you're having problems constantly and you feel that you can't reach an understanding or agreement. It may be that you have been committing one of the most common mistakes made in relationships that we'll share with you at Analyse the situation and immediately correct these mistakes so that your relationship will improve and become stronger.

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Steps to follow:

Paying close attention to the shortcomings of your partner: If you spend your time focusing on the negative characteristics of your partner, what bothers you so much about them and you focus on their weaknesses. It's logical that you'll begin to feel that the problem is getting bigger and bigger and there will come a time when everything that united the two of you in love becomes a memory of yesterday. So change your mentality, focus on the good aspects of your partner, accentuate the positive and minimize the negative. You'll see how your different attitude motivates your partner to behave in a way that you both want, because your praise will encourage positive feelings in them.


Saying what you think and feel when you're in a bad mood: If you express what you feel when you're in a bad mood, the things that you say will be quite hurtful and you won't realize that these words may create distance and larger problems in the relationship. Avoid talking when you're most upset, calm down, take a deep breath and relax for a moment before discussing the issue.


Distrusting, being jealous and trying to control your partner: If you feel that your partner no longer trusts you, they don't want to tell you anything and you feel that they're cold and distant, you may have really exceeded the limit this time. If you act insecure, are constantly jealous and try to control your partner's every move, they'll inevitably distance themselves and move away where you can't watch or listen to everything they do. Not because they're cheating on you but because they can't stand this suspicious attitude and this jealous person isn't who they fell in love with originally. Begin by controlling yourself, set aside your insecurities and work on your self-confidence. You'll see that when you stop controlling your partner, your relationship will return to being as close and passionate as ever.

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Drawing conclusions and making judgments without considering another viewpoint: If you're the type who thinks that their partner has something against them because you see them get very serious and quiet and then immediately bombard them with questions and .you assume that you're to blame for something, surely your partner will respond aggressively, and an unnecessary discussion will begin. Don't anticipate the facts, it's better to ask questions and take an interest in your partner, to put yourself in their place, and try to understand the possible causes of their anger.

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If you apply these suggestions to correct the mistakes we've mentioned, then surely you'll change your romantic relationship drastically in a positive way. Make sure your partner doesn't want to break up with you if you feel any of these reasons apply to your situation.

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The Most Common Mistakes Made in Relationships
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The Most Common Mistakes Made in Relationships

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