The Top 5 Features Men find Attractive in Women

The Top 5 Features Men find Attractive in Women

Surely more than once you've wondered what you should emphasise in order to drive a man wild, right? Often we think it is our chest, other times our bottom, sometimes our eyes, and so on. Although every person is different and may have their own favorites, the fact is that there are some parts of the female body that get men hot under the collar. In this OneHowTo article we will show you the top 5 features men find attractive in women. Get ready to be blown away!

Steps to follow:

Wide hips

The shape of the female body is, in general, what arouses desire for a man. They themselves have a straighter body and instead, women have heart-stopping curves that drive them crazy. As with many fashion shows we get tired of seeing stick straight models, men think they're hallucinating when they see wide hips, a narrow waist and impressive curves. So don't be shy! Boldly show off your curves and you'll see how you start to win them over.


Long and well-groomed hair

Most men are also attracted to women with long, silky hair. It is a part of women that enhances their femininity and moreover, it also leaves a trail of a sweet scent wherever she goes. In this OneHowTo article we give you some tips for shiny hair and by doing so, you can drive them completely crazy.


A face with less makeup and a natural look

Although we make a lot of effort with our make-up day and night, the truth is that they like natural women. Going to bed with a beautiful woman and waking up to a totally different girl, is something that frightens many men, so you will notice that they always go for that girl who has a "no makeup look" , displaying a simple and natural look.


A subtle but suggestive neckline

Obviously, one of the features that catches a man's eye the most is a woman's breasts. But, as it could be said, "it's better to hint than to show". And this is because leaving something to the imagination can be the biggest turn on... So choose a good neckline that enhances the shape of your breasts, that shows and hints but leaves a great deal to the imagination.


Full and sexy lips

The mouth is the most irresistible feature that we look at when someone is talking to us, it seduces us. It is instinctive, in the same way as we feel attraction, to look at lips with a desire to kiss them. So another part of our body that we should look after and highlight is our lips, use lipgloss to make them look bigger and also to make them shine.

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