Top 7 Easy Kamasutra Positions - You'll Love them!

Top 7 Easy Kamasutra Positions - You'll Love them!

The Kamasutra is an ancient Indi Hindu text that has been used for centuries, mainly as a result of the countless sexual positions recommended for heightened sexual experiences. Do you want to escape from the shackles of sexual monotony? Look no further than this oneHOWTO article! We'll explain the easiest Kamasutra positions for you to indulge in without having to be a skilled acrobat!

Easy Kamasutra Positions: face to face

There are as many easy Kamasutra positions to please and excite all preferences and tastes as you can imagine, with easier options for those wishing to dip their toe into the world of erotica. This is the case with the face to face position - always with the woman on top. It's perfect for intimate lovemaking as you are facing each other and can easily kiss and caress your lover.

Easy Kamasutra Positions: the amazon

Another Kamasutra position to tantalize and thrill you is: The Amazon position. The woman can easily lean on a surface with her arms so she doesn't get tired while the man can rest on his knees. It is perfect for maximizing friction whilst also enabling erogenous zones like the breasts to be stimulated. It is an ideal position for small spaces and perfect for a quickie.

Easy Kamasutra Positions: the spoon

The Spoon is not just refreshingly simple (the ideal position for morning sex or when you're feeling a little lazy or tired), it has the added benefit of being equally pleasurable for the man and woman. Due to the angle of this position, it's easy to hit the woman's G-spot and the man benefits from skin-on-skin contact with a woman's behind.

Easy Kamasutra Positions: the embrace

Lots of women like to be in charge and be on top. If this is you, then you're in luck! There are two simple Kamasutra positions that allow the woman to take the reins. First is the Embrace where both the man and woman are intensely stimulated.

Easy Kamasutra Positions: the submissive

Another position in which a woman is on top is The Submissive. One of the classic and most pleasurable of Kamasutra positions, it allows the woman to set the rhythm and gives the man a great view of her body. He can caress her breasts without having to manoeuvre about and is easy to perform for both the man and woman.

Easy Kamasutra Positions: the spider

The Spider works well during both vaginal and anal sex and will leave you gasping in intense pleasure!

Easy Kamasutra Positions: missionary

Then there's the all-classic sex position, The Missionary. It is a very intimate and romantic position and, whilst considered one of the most basic positions, is very pleasurable for both him and her. Perfect for women who have difficulty reaching orgasm and for those who want to be close to their partners during intercourse.

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