Top Sex Positions that Burn the most Calories

Top Sex Positions that Burn the most Calories

Sex is wonderful and it's a great way to interact with your partner, to explore and to have new experiences and feel new sensations. However, without seeing the act frivolously, it is also a great cardiovascular exercise through which we have the opportunity to work out a lot of muscles. Why not take advantage of this pleasant notion? So at oneHOWTO we'll tell you the top sex positions that burn the most calories, and with practice you will notice the difference in your body.

The Amazon

With the sex position called the Amazon,according to the Kamasutra, there's no way not to get exercise, and the rhythm will depend on your ability to push with your legs, your strength and your balance. It is certainly a good choice for those who love to stay toned, especially if you need some good old thigh toning and works as an amazing abs workout for both parts. It is estimated that you can burn up to 52 calories during each minute of intercourse.

The submitted

The Submitted or reverse cowgirl does not seem like a position in which you'd burn much. However, it actually requires the woman exert to all her energy in working to please her man, using her legs and hips, so it is a great option for those who want to exercise during lovemaking. However, we should point out it's not the best position for the man to burn calories. With this position the woman can burn an average of 60 calories per minute.

The merger

In the Merger the woman controls the rhythm, but both must do their part to hold this position. And although direct contact is limited, the arms will have the opportunity to test their endurance and strength. You can both burn around 65 calories approximately for every minute.

The embrace

Just seeing the picture will remove all doubt that the Embrace or clasp, is a sexual position that is great exercise, as well as one of the best standing positions to practice. Arm strength is required from him, and balance and leg strength from her, so this will be a team effort that will certainly guarantee many calories burned, around 68 per minute, to be more precise.

The arch

The Arch is not easy, flexibility and arm strength are needed from both to achieve this position as well as working your glutes too. This can be highly enjoyable and very beneficial to the bodies of both partners. With this sex position you can burn up to 60 calories!

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  • Don't be afraid to take full advantage of your sexual encounters to enjoy them while getting a little exercise