What Are Aries Like In Bed

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
What Are Aries Like In Bed

For those who study Astrology there is no doubt that the sign under which we are born determines some of the characteristics of our personality, and in the case of Aries, energy, intensity and passion in everything they do is easily noticeable. This fire sign lives up to its element, one of the most passionate of the Zodiac. Are you trying to seduce an Aries and want to know how they are in private? At we explain in detail what Aries are like in bed. Be prepared for lots of action!

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There's something you should have very clear to understand how Aries are in sex, and it is that for those born under this sign, sex is important in a relationship and a lot in fact! It is an essential and irreplaceable element in the union, in addition to being a powerful tool of conquest for an aries, who worship seducing their partner and pleasing him/her in private.

Therefore, to be sexually compatible with an Aries you must make the most of privacy, be passionate and willing to vary and explore new things, otherwise this fire sign eventually gets bored.

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There is something that defines an Arian's personality in all areas of life: creativity. And of course, this creativity also applies to the sexual aspect, so an Aries in bed always likes to come up with new ways of enjoying intimacy, trying different positions, different locations and innovative techniques of seduction for an explosive sexual encounter. It is difficult to get bored with them.

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Aries are born seductive and love conquering their partner in and out of bed, but make no mistake, they do not only enjoy hunting, they also want to be the prey. Aries is a sign accustomed to going a long way on all levels: work, friendships, family and love, but also they expect to be treated in a special way too.

So with Arians, you too have to learn to seduce and conquer to make sure you are playing the same game. With them you will always remember the premise "variety is the spice of life".

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We are clear that quick sex can be fun but only when it is presented in a particular way and if you want to drive an Aries crazy in bed you should never go too fast towards intercourse, or they will lose all interest. Seduction, as mentioned before, is a very important aspect for Arians, who prefer one good and pleasant encounter to 100 mediocre ones.

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Aries in bed are all passion and dedication, making the most of good sex, rapport with your partner and seduction. They are very sexually active when they are partnered with a desire that never seems to run out, so they need a partner tailor-made to keep up with this intimate aspect.

If there's something more than just sex, take a look at what Aries are like in love.

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What Are Aries Like In Bed
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What Are Aries Like In Bed

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