What are Aries like in love

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
What are Aries like in love

Aries is a fire element, so people born under this zodiac sign are intense and passionate, always ready for moments of adventure with their partner. Arians are also strong and temperamental, something that is clearly reflected on their emotional level. Want to know more about what Aries are like in love?, On we will explain.

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People born under the sign of Aries are direct and impatient, so when it comes to love, Arians hate waiting. When they really like someone, they have a hard time with patience throughout the dating process. They usually go for what they want, always risking it 100%.


There is something that captivates Aries in love: their intense passion. They are highly sexual people who really enjoy contact and affection and do not skimp on offering affection to their partner. An Aries is very sexual but also has a romantic side, so he/she enjoys the little things and time with family.


To understand Aries in love it is important to know the main features of their personality; people born under this sign have a strong tendency to take charge and control their life. So sometimes in love and sex Aries can seem domineering and controlling, but just understand that it is part of their nature to fully enjoy all the energy they have to offer.

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Arians love adventure and novelty, so routine relationships do not agree with this sign. With Aries you always have to be willing to try new things, both in sex and in daily life.

Their libido is very high, so Aries always want sex.

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Remember that this is a direct sign that appreciates honesty. Drama, confusion, secrets and intrigue not sit well with Arians, so to have a life partner with an Aries you must learn to always be honest if you want the relationship to last.


Aries with love, as with many aspects of their lives, are not particularly patient. Full of temperament they often clearly express their annoyance, being sometimes very explosive and impulsive. However they are not spiteful or vindictive people, once they have expressed what bothers them, they forget about it.


Remember, to get along with Aries in love you should always keep the romance alive, be fully open to enjoy sex and passion, be honest and learn to stay calm, because you will often have to help stop their impulses.

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What are Aries like in love
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What are Aries like in love

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