What are Gemini like in bed

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
What are Gemini like in bed

Have you ever wondered what Gemini are like in bed? If you have seduced a Gemini and feel curious about what may play in matters of sex we can forewarn you that, because of this signs duality, they commit to giving a lot of pleasure. The Gemini sign is very passionate, committed and focused on everything regarding love and sex, so be prepared to enjoy a great love affair. At OneHowTo we tell you what Gemini are like in bed.

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The two sides of the Gemini duality in matters of sex: They enjoy sex fully and are passionate about sexual games. They very much like giving and receiving pleasure, they also feel special attraction for all sexual foreplay. They like preparing for the moment, and fully enjoy it by feeling its scents and flavours. To make a Gemini go wild in bed try wearing different perfumes, if your lover senses these he/she will love it.

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Although Gemini are easily distracted, in sex their attitude changes completely. Regarding sex, people who are Gemini focus entirely on this matter, making their two personalities agree and enjoy twice as much. They like receiving and giving pleasure, so oral sex and all kinds of stimulation are especially liked. They enjoy each way of making you happy, because they will also receive all this in return.

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Gemini enjoy experimenting with sex and like to look for different ways to experience pleasure. They always seek comfort, but without sacrificing creativity. They are able to adapt to any circumstance to make sex possible at any time. So if you are willing to have a real love affair and you are a creative and stimulating person, get ready to enjoy with a Gemini.

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People born under the star sign Gemini are not conformists in sex. They like changing and trying new positions in bed. Sex with them is never the same, they are always looking for new ways to innovate and enjoy. This may be with athletic sex, role playing, fantasies, with different people, however the sex may be Gemini will always be changing and the foundation is always the imagination.

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Besides being passionate people, Gemini are often very active people that like doing and try new things, they are curious and unpredictable. In this OneHowTo article we present what are Gemini like in a more generic way covering all of their facets.

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What are Gemini like in bed
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What are Gemini like in bed

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