What Are the Advantages of a Thick Penis

What Are the Advantages of a Thick Penis

Much is said about penis size, but the taboos of our society make it difficult to talk about. Some men desire a thick penis and look to the internet for help with enlargement. They may think their penis isn't thick or long enough to satisfy their partner. Others worry that their penis is too thick. While the stereotype is that bigger is always better, having a thick penis has its own considerations. The truth is that there are certain pros and cons to having a thick penis. Some of this has to do with sex, but there are also other personal issues which might be aroused by having a thick penis.

oneHOWTO looks into what are the advantages of having a thick penis. In doing so, we can help people know that having a thick penis doesn't mean you have a problem. In fact, there can be many benefits to enjoy.

What size is considered a thick penis?

Concern about penis size has become an aesthetic aspect that often determines how a man feels in bed, in spite of the fact that women constantly tell guys that when dealing with normal sized penises, there is little difference between 5 or 6 inches (12 or 15 centimeters).

Instead, what is important is the way in which it is used and its thickness. These are two factors that influence pleasure, because when it comes to size, girls only perceive sensations in the first 4 inches of the vagina (10 centimeters), so a normal penis length is enough, but there are advantages to having a thick penis.

To know the size of a thick penis, we need to know how thick is the average penis. By finding this out, we can easily work out what is above average in terms of penis thickness. It's important to remember that girth isn't everything. Some men may have a long thin penis, but it still works well for their partner. Others may have a penis that is long and thick, something many men think they desire.

The average girth is 5.3 in, so if your penis has a wider girth than this, then you are qualified as having a thick penis. If you don't know how to measure it you can read this article. It is important to remember that the girth or thickness of the penis is measured by circumference, not diameter. This means the 5.3" of an average sized human penis is not the distance across, but the distance around the circumference.

Disadvantages of having a thick penis

While this article focuses on the advantages of having a thick penis, it can be helpful to look at some the disadvantages as well. Some of these have to do with the perception of penis size, but some are also practical considerations.

  • Condoms: condom manufacturers will need to decide how many of each size they will make, so they will take into consideration average penis size. This means there simply aren't as many large condoms available. You may have to buy them from a specific place or eve order them online. If you are visiting another country, you may also need to be aware that average penis size does change by country. If you are from a country where the penis size is large than average, going somewhere it is smaller can be difficult.
  • Outline: if you regularly wear suit trousers or pants which can show the outline of a bulge, having a thicker penis can make it difficult. You might need a baggier pant than the average and you may not be able to wear all the styles you would have liked.
  • Erections: while this may occur more in adolescent males, older men can also find themselves in embarrassing situations with erections. If your penis is thicker than others, they might be more difficult to hide and this can provide embarrassment depending on the circumstance.
  • Sex: sex can be painful if you have a larger than average penis and you are with someone with a smaller than average passage. Whether with a woman or man, having a thicker penis can prove uncomfortable if your partner is unable to take it. It may be that you can only have certain types of sex and only go at certain speeds.

Advantages of having a thick penis

There is a reason why many men want to have a larger or thicker penis. There is a taboo around the subject for a reason. Porn has lots of titles and videos of men with very large penises. This adds to the misconception that many men feel about their penis. It makes them think they are below average when this may simply be due to making too many comparisons with larger than average penis sizes.

According to a 2015 study from the journal PLoS One, participant women found their preference was for “penises only slightly larger than average”[1]. There is definitely an advantage in being thicker than the average. Here are some of the specific pros:

  • Stimulation of vaginal nerves: the first advantage of a thick penis is that, when penetrating the girl, she will feel more pleasure. This is because the thickness helps to stimulate all the nerve endings found at the entrance of the vagina, making the act something really satisfying for both, but especially for her.
  • Clitoris stimulation: having a thick penis has another advantage. It generatesmore friction during penetration than a thin penis, causing more pleasure to the woman. This is because the friction rubs against the nerve endings in the clitoris during intercourse.
  • Confidence: if you have a thicker than average penis, it can give you confidence in the bedroom. While men with a smaller than average size penis shouldn't rely on their penis for confidence, you can still use your thickness to you advantage. Many women will give a “wow” or similar exclamation if they like what they see when removing your underwear. There is no shame in feeling good about this.
  • Positions: while some people might find their favorite position difficult with a thick penis, it can also let you perform some positions others cannot. This could be the case with someone who has long thick penis.

Remember lubrication

Although the benefits of a thick penis is that it is highly pleasurable during sex, it is equally important that the vagina is well lubricated so that the penetration is much smoother and more enjoyable and doesn't cause pain. In cases of very thick penises, it is a good idea to use lubricant so that both make the most of a very pleasurable sexual encounter. The same goes for anal sex, although everyone should be using lubrication for anal sex to reduce possibility of tearing.

While we might get hung up on the thickness of our own penis, we need to remember that we are having sex with someone else. If you have a thick penis, you need to be considerate of the other person. They will enjoy the feeling of being filled up, but they may not be able to handle fast motion well. This is because the thickness of a person's penis might also cause some pain with the pleasure.

It's important to remember that, whatever your penis size, it is still possible to have a full and diverse sex life. You just need to be considerate, listen to your partner and take time to get comfortable with your body.

Part of being considerate is thinking about the types of positions which might be good for a thick penis. But thickness isn't everything. If you found this article useful then you might also be interested in reading about the size of a normal penis and common penis shapes. However, you can also take a look at what types of sex positions are best for each penis type. In learning about this, you will be able to know how to use your thick penis to both your and your partner's advantage.

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