What Are The Benefits Of Having Sex On Your Period

What Are The Benefits Of Having Sex On Your Period
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Having sex on your period is a taboo subject for many women and their partners. However, the amount of people who have a problem with this seems to be falling considerably these days, especially thanks to innovative sex equipment such as a menstrual cup for sex, which enables couples to have vaginal sex without having to come into contact with any menstrual fluids. Apart from the enjoyment of having sex, there are other benefits of having sex on your period. Let us enlighten you in this OneHowTo article.

Steps to follow:

The first thing we feel is important to point out is that it's not dangerous to have sex on your period as it doesn't have any adverse effects on your or your partner's health. From a gynecological point of view, sexual activity during menstruation isn't harmful in any way. However, it's important that both the woman and her partner feel comfortable with the idea to be able to relax and fully enjoy the experience.


One of the main advantages of having sex whilst menstruating is that it helps to relieve stomach cramps, all thanks to orgasm. When a woman reaches climax, blood flow increases which boosts circulation and eases pain and inflammation.


During orgasm, our brain releases chemicals which are strong natural pain relievers, a good reason to have sex on your period.


The release of endorphins during climax also improves our mood, making it easier to get through days where we feel more irritable.

In addition to all the above, menstruation is a natural vaginal lubrication, making sex more pleasurable for women who normally suffer from vaginal dryness. This enhances sexual pleasure even further.


The benefits of having sex during menstruation are plentiful and, if it's something you'd like to try, it's worth being aware of a few things beforehand. In our article on how to have sex with menstruation you'll find some helpful tips to enjoy those intimate moments even more.

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  • Several studies have found that women often feel more aroused during their periods. This is why you should get rid of all your taboos and try it out, you'll probably love the experience!