What are the Best Positions to Have Sex in the Shower

What are the Best Positions to Have Sex in the Shower

The bathroom is not only a place to relax in solitude, it is also a place where you can delve into new erotic and sensual experiences with your partner. Humidity, warm water, steam, everything is suggestive of a great encounter, but will you make it one? Sometimes this scenario is part of the sexual fantasy of both partners but neither knows how to turn this to reality. It doesn't have to be complicated and cumbersome. So oneHOWTO are here to share what we think are the best sexual positions for sex in the shower.

Shower kamasutra positions

First things first. Remember to take precautions to prevent accidents. Use a special non slip mat and avoid grabbing the shower curtains and bathroom furniture as these cannot hold weight. This way you will enjoy intercourse in complete safety.

Sitting sex

If your shower has a step or chair that will support the weight of you both, the shower Kamasutra position Time Bomb is a great option. Humidity and desire will set the mood for an explosive encounter. Don't worry if a chair isn't available. Even the ledge of the bath can be used - depending on the size of it.

The Perch

Another Kama Sutra position, the Perch, is also recommended. If you do not have an adequate piece of furniture inside the shower you can place a bench in there to support the weight of both, to enjoy without problems. This is a great way to enjoy reverse cowgirl in a different setting. This position is also ideal for a jacuzzi or hot tub. Read oneHOWTO's advice on how to have sex in a jacuzzi.

Woman on top

If the bathroom is yours, i.e. not shared with anybody else and hygiene measures are guaranteed, the shower kamasutra position Hammock is ideal. The man can sit or lie on the floor while his partner straddles him and takes the reigns.

Woman-on-top sex lets the woman control the pace and intensity. And the good news for both of you is that you won't slip and fall!

Standing doggy

If there is only a small shower available there is also a practical solution: standing doggy! One variation of this shower kamasutra position is known as the Surprise. It is ideal for these moments, no furniture for support or large spaces are needed to carry it out yet the enjoyment is guaranteed for both.

The woman can either put her palms against the shower wall or shower floor and slightly bend her knees for comfort. Then, her partner enters her from behind.

The embrace

For those who are strong and acrobatic, nothing better than the Hug posture. He must stand on a non-slip carpet, and she can be supported by the wall in one of the most erotic sexual positions.An easier method of this is simply 'The Leg lift'. The woman leans back against the shower wall as the man stands in front. Then, she wraps one leg around his waist.

This position not only keeps you quite stable, but you can enjoy sex face-to-face, making the experience all the more intimate.

Now that you have the ideal positions we now recommend you check our article on other sexual fantasies. Practice with your partner and enjoy our useful suggestions to have a sexual experience full of passion and orgasms.

And to give you even more heat you can opt for the many aquatic sex toys on the market, a way to have fun with you partner and reach climax.

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