What Are the Best Sex Positions for Anal Sex

What Are the Best Sex Positions for Anal Sex

Whether you already love having anal sex or you're longing to try it out for the first time, perhaps the moment has come for you and your partner to venture into this new world of sexual possibilities. But before attempting it, plenty of stimulation, desire and arousal are necessary for the experience to be as pleasurable as possible. As well as the essential foreplay, certain positions can help you to enjoy the moment, especially if you're a girl. So here at oneHOWTO we give you the lowdown on the best sex positions for anal sex.

The spoon

Spooning is a great position for those new to anal. A loving and gentle position, it also allows the man to stimulate the passive person's important erogenous zones such as the clitoris/penis or breasts at the same time. According to those who have tired and experts, this is one of the best anal sex positions to begin playing with anal sex.

Lap dance

The lap dance position offers two main advantages for anal sex. Firstly, the passive partner controls the depth and rhythm of penetration - so they go as fast or slow as she wants, and as far in as she wants. Secondly, this position allows the man to caress her breasts and kiss her neck and ears, which definitely helps with relaxation and ultimately increases pleasure.

Dragon fly

In the sex position called the dragon-fly, the man controls the rhythm of penetration. With his mouth pressed against his/her ear and neck, she's in for a highly erotic experience. This is another of the best positions as the angle that the woman is in allows for easier penetration.


The snail is great for those who are a little more experienced in this field. He sets the pace and the passive person can enjoy the feeling as he thrusts into her and is a great position for deep anal. It is recommended for quite a lot of foreplay beforehand to stimulate the anus area.

The screw

The screw is also a great position for beginners - the penetration isn't too deep, giving the passive person more confidence to try it out.

The surprise

The surprise is aptly named, as you'll soon be one when you try this fulfilling position in anal sex. Ideally the girl will rest her arms on a raised surface - this will help him/her to raise his/her rear end while the guy penetrates her and stimulates her vagina. This is also highly pleasurable for those of you who enjoy deep anal sex.

Doggy Style

Doggy is undoubtedly the most popular position for anal sex. He can reach the passive person's breasts and genitalia, setting the pace while she enjoys herself.

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