What Are the Best Sexual Positions to Get Pregnant

What Are the Best Sexual Positions to Get Pregnant

The idea that some sexual positions could help by being more effective at fertilising your eggs, was seen as a great myth by some for a long time. However, we now know it to be true and that really, in cases where both partners are completely healthy and where there is no condition or disease that prevents it, certain ways of having sex are more effective than others, as are some tips for getting pregnant that you should also consider. So in OneHowTo.com we show what sexual positions are best to get pregnant.

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Steps to follow:

Doggy style is one the favorite positions for men, but it also is suitable to conceive, as the penis can go deeper into the vagina, increasing the chances of sperm reaching the egg. Ask him to stay in for a minute after ejaculation so that the sperm doesn't fall out immediately, while you enjoy this exhilarating position.


The mold is the perfect position for those who value romance. Like doggy style it allows for deep penetration, and leaves him with a free hand to stimulate your erogenous zones. It's a position that ensures both your pleasure while trying to make a baby.


There's something about the classics too, that's why you can't miss out on missionary. You're on the bottom, him on top, and many experts agree that this is one of the best sexual positions to get pregnant, so be sure to try it.


The arch is not an easy position, it is recommended more for women with good flexibility and body control. If you exercise frequently, you can try it, because it allows for deep penetration and it is also great to let your guy kiss your breasts when making love, because although you are trying to make a baby, pleasure is always important.


According to the experts there are other positions that make it harder for sperm to pass through the birth canal such as those where the woman is upright or standing. The reason for this is that the sperm leaves the vagina almost immediately, not having time to enter the uterus. So despite how exciting they are for women, you should avoid them if your aim is to get pregnant, but you can do them on days when you're not ovulating.


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  • Remember that these are simple tips to get pregnant faster, but you should also take care of your health and reduce your stress if you want to conceive quickly.