What is Frexting?

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
What is Frexting?

After phone sex and sexting, comes a new trend: frexting. We live in an era in which, communication technology increasingly defines how we interact with each other, allowing us to incorporate some curious practices that years ago would have been a scandal.

Frexting comes from the combination of the words friends and texting, which involves sending messages to our friends with photographs of us scantily clad or, in most cases, naked. This trend is becoming popular on the web and it is possible to find the supposedly private photos of some celebrities playing this game. If you're asking yourself: what is frexting? In this OneHowTo article we will teach to you.

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What is frexting?

Frexting is a term used to refer to the act of sending a message with a photo where we are nude to one or more friends. Definitely the Snapchat app has opened the doors for sending messages that disappear after a few seconds, however, this is not the usual channel in which frexting is practiced.

In this case the photos are sent by Whatsapp exclusively between friends, differentiating itself from the trend of naked selfies because in theory is only to an intimate group of people we know and not to an entire social network.

How did this practice start?

The term frexting was coined by the writer Kelly Williams Brown in her book Adulting, in which she advises readers to send naked photos only to close friends and not strangers and not leave them within reach of all social networks. This practice was adopted by women especially, however, it has become a topic of powerful conversation on social networks.

Until recently many did not know what it was all this, but the word spread like wildfire on the internet when American comedienne and presenter Chelsea Handler shared her frext on Instagram, congratulating the actress Reese Witherspoon on her birthday. This way many people learned of the existence of frexting while this practice became viral.

What is Frexting? - How did this practice start?

What is the objective?

At first glance the objective of frexting is to increase personal confidence with photographs to receive praise, however, this is just one of the reasons that lead people to do it. Rather than being an excuse to show off a perfect body, frexting seeks to release the pressure of not having a dream figure, so the more normal and even ridiculously neglected your body is, the better!

Besides this, this practice aims to increase intimacy and trust between friends, sending a naked selfie shows that we trust that person, assuming the relationship is sincere and honest. So, instead of sending the image to a stranger it is encouraged to do so with a close friend.

What is Frexting? - What is the objective?

Frexting rules

Although it is a novelty, there are certain standards for frexting you should take into account:

  • The photo has to include your naked body but it should not be a pornographic or obvious image, therefore you should cover your private parts. Remember that the idea is to send it to your friends who you don't flirt or have sex with.
  • If you receive a frext from one of your friends, don't forget to respond with some emojis that make the situation fun and liberating. Also, if you want, you can respond with the same subtlety.
  • This practice seeks to be sort of comic and humorous message between mates, so the context is always pursued.
  • Don't forget that it is about making a joke between close friends and not to receive praise for your body, so don't try to achieve this.

Frexting risk

It is not always all fun and games, frexting is a practice that endangers your privacy because an intimate image can end up on a network and entertaining others who are not your friends. Adult nudity will always have a sexual connotation (whether you want it to or not) and some ill-intentioned people can take advantage of your vulnerability.

Given this, you should think carefully about who you send these images to and if it's worth the risk for a fleeting bit of fun that is just a somewhat empty trend. If you're not sure or don't feel comfortable with this idea or the potential risks, then it is best not to.

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What is Frexting?
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What is Frexting?

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