What to do after being dumped by your boyfriend or girlfriend

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
What to do after being dumped by your boyfriend or girlfriend

Ending a relationship is not easy, but when we are the one who has been dumped, the situation is often much harder and somehow we feel that we have not made this important decision ourselves, but rather it has been made for us. Even if the relationship wasn't good, it doesn't stop us from getting upset and feeling like the victim and it often takes us twice as long to get over the break-up from our ex. However, it is important to keep calm and act with emotional intelligence. So, at we explain what to do after being dumped so you don't lose your head and end up making it harder.

Steps to follow:

When we have been dumped, we go through many intense feelings. One of the first is feeling guilty: you may wonder things such as "did he/she leave me because I am not worth it? Or because they like someone else? Or because I did something wrong?" The truth is that relationships are always a two-way road, and often both partners are guilty of doing something wrong, it's just that one of them has taken the first step to break up.

In other cases the relationship ends because the other person is confused, and you have to understand that no one, however great they are, can change their mind. Your ex did not feel sure of this relationship and that is not your fault, it has to do with him or her, and feeling bad about yourself is pointless, so ignore this feeling and move on.


It's normal to want to know why they have left us, and it is also logical for them to tell us when they want to break up. However, many people do not, so this can leave us in an emotional limbo. This is completely understandable but don't use it as an excuse to call, text and harass your ex. This only makes the situation worse, you have to keep your self-respect and understand that the other person has their reasons and now you must move on.

What to do after being dumped by your boyfriend or girlfriend - Step 2

Act intelligently and don't show open hatred for your ex. Pay attention to what you say and what you write on social networks. Don't forget that everyone has the right to end any relationship that they aren't comfortable in. It is best to remember the good things, learn from experience and work on forgetting the bad things.


When we are dumped, we feel completely vulnerable, so don't make the mistake of making important decisions at this moment in time. Moving away, changing jobs or calling that person who you know likes you, are many of the things we usually do when we have been dumped. Breathe, let things settle down a bit and if you still feel that you need a change, think about it and don't rush into anything.


There's no point torturing yourself by thinking that you won't find anyone else. This is a classic form of self-torture when we have been dumped, but remember that there are thousands of people out there and you can always get someone even better than your ex, that's for sure! In any case, it's not usually good to rebound directly. Some people find comfort in being with someone else straight away, but you need to remember it's not bad to be alone. Plus, you can focus all your energy on thing you hadn't had time to do before: start a new hobby, take a trip, visit old-time friends...


"Everything works out for the best", for some people this phrase is just to make you feel better, for others it is simply the truth. Anyway, the fact is that break-ups happen because it wasn't going well and because something was not working, you just have to accept it now. In time you will see clearly and understand that not being with that person is a good thing for you.


Remember it's OK to spend some time to overcome the breakup, there's no need to pretend like the other person didn't exist. Take as much time as you need to get over it as long as it doesn't affect any other aspects of your life.


These are good tips for you to know how to act when someone breaks up with you.

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What to do after being dumped by your boyfriend or girlfriend
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What to do after being dumped by your boyfriend or girlfriend

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