Which Signs Are Sexually Compatible with Leo

Which Signs Are Sexually Compatible with Leo

For those who follow astrology , there's no doubt that the sign under which you're born determines part of your character and behaviour. This, of course, also includes the sexual aspect, generally defining the person's relationship with sex, due to when they were born. If you believe in this, then check out the following article if you'd like to learn how to seduce a Leo. Or as someone with this sign, you're tired of searching for someone you'll be compatible with, so continue reading and discover which signs are sexually compatible with Leo and begin the seduction.

Steps to follow:

Leo, together with Aries and Scorpio, is one of the most sexual horoscope signs. They're passionate, intense and giving in private, something that hardly goes unnoticed with any of their partners. Leos have a healthy sexual appetite, enjoy sex and don't easily take no for an answer.


Leo women feel strongly attracted to dominating in bed, always preferring sexual positions in which they take control and establish the rhythm, while agreeing that a good lover also occasionally let's the other person take over. The sexual positions when she's on top tend to be their favorite, but remember that occasionally you need to take control of the situation and be the one to seduce and dominate her.


For Leo men, rules aren't strictly part of the game, they like to be led and to feel admired in bed and considered good lovers. They can be the most powerful seducers, pleasing their partner completely, or can be guided and dominated if it will lead to an intense and pleasurable orgasm.

Anyway, intensity is guaranteed in bed.


To be sexually compatible with a Leo, you must be insatiable in bed and allow sex to be an important part of the relationship, so people born under the signs of: Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Aries are ideal partners for this fire sign.


If you want to attract the attention of a Leo and make them surrender, then don't miss the article that we've prepared especially for you. Discover how to seduce a Leo and make them notice you.


If you're a Leo and you want to meet people who you're sexually compatible with, or you'd like to socialize with new people easily and safely, you should definitely be outgoing and open in your sexual relationships, make sure there are absolutely no taboos between your lover and you.

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