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Why do women like married men

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
Why do women like married men

Although beginning and maintaining a relationship with a married man can be dangerous, the fact is that women are very attracted to those men who wear a wedding ring. This fact proves it, a study conducted at the Oklahoma State University, where 90% of participants said they would like a relationship with a married man. But what are the reasons that lead us to choose or feel attracted to this kind of relationship? Discover them one by one in the following OneHowTo article on why women like married men.

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Self esteem and power

Basically, the reasons why women are attracted to a married man are purely psychological. One has to do with self-esteem and sense of power. Some women feel much more attractive and safe for the sake of attracting a man that's already taken and the power they have to hoard the man's affection and satisfy him more than his wife can in every way. Furthermore, in many cases relationships with a married man becomes a real personal competition with the wife. And, although they only have the man's attention for a few hours, they feel they are winning the game, which allows them to feel strengthened and increase their self esteem.



Fear of commitment is another issue which may explain why women sometimes choose this type of relationships. Above all, previous bad experiences of love or inability to undergo a satisfying intimate relationship are causes that lead some girls to embark upon and maintain relationships with married men. Moreover, problems of low self-esteem cause in many cases women to be convinced that they are unable or do not deserve all the attention of a man exclusively available to them.



The belief that married men are more experienced and have more maturity than single men is also one of the psychological issues that may explain the fact that women get involved with a married man. Because they have had at least a stable relationship, they feel they receive better understanding and emotional support from him. And, of course, his great experience in the sexual plane. Because he is married it is believed that he knows best how to please a woman in bed and also we add the intimate encounters with lovers are more fiery and passionate.



In addition to experience, security also plays an important role. Many women are attracted to men who enjoy a stable life and a great work success.


Challenge! The forbidden attraction

Relationships with a married man is a challenge in itself. There is no doubt that the magnetism of the forbidden game, adrenaline and danger involved in having intimate secret encounters often turn us on and peak our curiosity. These are things that take us away from daily routine and we generate a lot of excitement.

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Why do women like married men