Why is My Ex Still Texting Me?

By Mary Smith. Updated: June 17, 2018
Why is My Ex Still Texting Me?

When you break up with someone and that person becomes your ex-partner, in theory it means that you have decided that each one should follow a new and separate path. But sometimes it can happen that the day comes when your ex tries to contact you again. This may seem strange or contradictory, especially if they decided to leave the relationship to begin with. This may seem even stranger if this person is currently in what seems to be a happy relationship.

If you are asking yourself ‘‘Why is my ex contacting me if he is with another person?’’ In the following article of oneHOWTO we will explain possible different ways why your ex is texting you.

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Does he miss me?

If your break up is relatively recent, it is very likely that he or she, even if with another, keep thinking of you. This can happen because maybe their current relationship is not very serious or they have only been together for a few months. The most likely thing is that they miss you, want to maybe just see how you are or possibly want to give the relationship another chance.

In this situation, we recommend that you reflect on the reasons why the relationship ended in the first place. If it was because of problems such as incompatibility or falling out of love with that person, you should remember this. However, if the reasons were superficial or minor, there is no harm in considering giving it another chance, as long ends it with his current partner respectfully.

Why is My Ex Still Texting Me? - Does he miss me?

I ended the relationship

Another reason why your ex might be contacting you again is because you were the one who decided to end the relationship.They are trying to have a relationship with another person to overcome the breakup or they may be trying to make you jealous in order to get you back.

If you still believe that you made the best decision for both of you, we suggest having a sincere conversation with them and telling them that you do not want to have any contact anymore. It may be painful for them at first, but in the long term, it will help you both of you overcome the break up faster and move on.

Why is My Ex Still Texting Me? - I ended the relationship

They are not happy with their new partner

One of the reasons why your ex is still chasing you is possibly because they are not happy in their new relationship. If they left you and are now with someone totally different from you, it might be because they initially thought that they needed something different, but in hindsight realize that they were wrong.

When this happens, it is possible that the person who broke up with you, is reconsidering their way of looking at you and want to try give the relationship another chance. The decision of whether you want your ex to be in your life again or not, is only yours. However, we recommend that you think about it and, above all, stay true to what you really want.

Do they want to have sex with me?

The last reason we can assume your ex is contacting you again is that, simply put, they wants to have sex with you again. The reasons may be that they have seen your latest photos online and are finding you attractive again. It could be that they’re still learning about their new partner in bed and want to experience something more familiar or it’s possible they just want some excitement.

Whatever the reason, remember that this motive is simply sexual and not emotional. It is likely that they will satisfy their sexual needs and return back to their current partner. Therefore, think well if having sex with your partner is a good idea, especially if they are currently in a relationship. Either way, it is important to remember, always put your needs first, because no one will look after you better than yourself.

Why is My Ex Still Texting Me? - Do they want to have sex with me?

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Why is My Ex Still Texting Me?
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Why is My Ex Still Texting Me?

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