Why is pulling out not effective

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
Why is pulling out not effective

Withdrawal is, for many couples, the usual method of trying to protect against unwanted pregnancy. But the result is not always as expected, and that by practicing this type of control is running a huge risk. However many people do not know why withdrawal is not effective, are you one of them? on we explain in detail what happens.

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Pulling out is one of the most used methods by youth and adolescents to prevent unwanted pregnancy, it involves removing the penis from the vagina just before ejaculating to discard semen out of the vaginal opening, trying to avoid it can travelling inside and fertilizing the egg.


The first risk to couples that practice this method is that the man does not have time to withdraw his penis from the vaginal opening, allowing a small amount of semen to slip inside the vagina, enough to make a woman in a fertile period pregnant.

This is what happens in a number of cases: excitement, enjoyment of the moment, desire to prolong the pleasure until the last moment, are the main reasons why men fail to stop in time.


But beyond that, most couples ignore the existence of pre-cum. It is a fluid secreted by the penis to clean and prepare the urethra for ejaculation. The main problem is that this liquid may contain considerable amounts of sperm, secreted in the peins from other ejaculations, which can result in pregnancy if all conditions are given.

Moreover, pre-cum is a lubricant that is made in a penis gland and that is used to prepare for ejaculation. Though this liquid may or may not contain sperm, this fluid carries any transmittable infections that the man may have.


Moreover, if the guy ejaculates near the vagina or through an oversight, semen can come in contact with it, and therefore the woman also runs the risk of pregnancy. All these are reason enough to make clear that withdrawal is not an effective method of birth control and couples who practice it are at significant risk of an unwanted pregnancy.


Additionally there is a high risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases that can be prevented only through condom use.

If you want to prevent unwanted pregnancy use hormonal contraceptives and condom use. When in doubt, always consult a gynaecologist.

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Why is pulling out not effective
Why is pulling out not effective

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