How to Make a Boy Kiss You Without Asking

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017

It's usual between men and women to find that one of them is shyer than the other, that's why in many occasions one of the two must take the lead and help the other feel comfortable and make him feel like kissing, stroking and feeling close. The first step is to kiss and, it seems untrue, but sometimes it's the most complicated step. If you want to flirt with someone successfully, you can follow these tips by OneHowto and, step by step, try to do what we show you in this video that explains how to make a boy kiss you without asking.

What you can do is to start a conversation in which the other person feels comfortable, it's good for him to talk about things that are appealing to him because he'll talk about a subject he dominates and will feel comfortable. Little by little get closer, focusing your eyes on his eyes and lips until you get to a point in which the other person will be the one to take the step to your lips and get him to kiss you. Bingo!

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How to Make a Boy Kiss You Without Asking
How to Make a Boy Kiss You Without Asking

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