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Which Signs are Sexually Compatible with Virgo

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: July 17, 2017
Which Signs are Sexually Compatible with Virgo

For those who follow astrology , there's no doubt that the sign under which you're born determines part of your character and behaviour. This, of course, also includes the sexual aspect, generally defining the person's relationship with sex depending on the day they were born.

When it comes to sex, Virgos in particular are very kind and affective, and really enjoy good sex. However, they care very much about their partner so it needs to be perfect for them. If you're a Virgo and are tired of searching for the right person this article is for you. To ensure satisfying sexual relations Virgos need to find the most compatible person who can meet their needs and expectations. Read this OneHowTo article and find out which signs are sexually compatible with Virgo.

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Steps to follow:


For people born under the sign of Virgo, sex certainly matters, but in general, there's a certain dynamic and several steps of seduction that isn't always understood by their suitors.

This means that a Virgo won't easily reject you, but that you must go slowly for the benefit of both. If you go too fast, Virgos might think you're too extreme and the relation won't go any further.


In the case of Virgo women, they tend to be daring in bed, but don't always make the first move. They love to be seduced and feel that their man is pursuing them. Once they're involved in the act, attention, pampering and patience should be the norm. They are also very sentimental. They need attention and being taken care of to feel comfortable with intimacy.

Which Signs are Sexually Compatible with Virgo - Step 2

Virgo men also find it difficult to make the first move, so for them there's nothing better than a woman who tells them exactly what she wants. The risk will have its rewards since they don't skimp on giving pleasure to their partner, and leaving things up to the imagination will always be part of relations with men of this earth sign.

Which Signs are Sexually Compatible with Virgo - Step 3

While they welcome pleasure and enjoy sex, it may appear that they need a push, so the signs that are more sexually compatible with Virgo are: Gemini, Cancer and Aquarius, which have no problem making the first move and igniting passion. Make sure you know if a Virgo woman is interested in you before you make a move.


But to have intimacy with people with this sign, first you must make them notice you and then seduce them. To achieve this, we encourage you to read our article how to seduce a Virgo with useful tips that will make them notice you.

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Which Signs are Sexually Compatible with Virgo