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How are Virgos in Bed

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How are Virgos in Bed

Throughout time, the signs of the zodiac have been used to describe all of us humans, dividing us into 12 signs pointing out our strengths and weaknesses and establishing a pattern of characteristics for everyone. So, we have been able to "know" in advance how good of a partner a Cancer is, how moody Aries are and how good of a worker a Sagittarius is.

But, last but not least, the zodiac also determines how passionate every sign is, what awakens their most fierce desires and how they like to be loved. Therefore, in this OneHowTo article we reveal the secrets of the sixth sign of the zodiac and explore how a Virgo is in bed.

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Steps to follow:


Virgo is one of the best partners of the Zodiac because they are people who give themselves completely to their partner, like to love and be loved and are very accommodating. This is how a Virgo is in love and in bed they are not much different. A Virgo in bed is synonymous with total dedication; they have the ability to completely disconnect themselves to live in the moment, concentrating only on feeling and giving pleasure.


It is not easy to get a Virgo into bed, because you have to work on the details before and during the event. Dedicating yourself to seducing a Virgo is imperative to taking one to bed and once you get it, you cannot leave behind the details. Candles, massages, long foreplay and seduction are some of the things that get Virgos in to their best sexual character.

How are Virgos in Bed - Step 2

A Virgo in bed is fond of slow starts, gradual caressing allows you to use your analytical senses to discover how each contact excites them. That is why foreplay is so important to them before intercourse, because it allows them to connect with their senses, communicating with the other person, to feel really special.

Both men and women like to be talked to during this part. Whisper in their ear, stare and kiss passionately, because if there is something to which a Virgo surrenders, it is the feeling of being desired.

How are Virgos in Bed - Step 3

A Virgo in bed likes the unexpected, a sudden change of position, an unknown position, kissing unexplored areas. Virgos like it because this symbolises them in bed: naughty, playful and versatile. Due to their insecurity, they find it difficult to leave their comfort zone, but they love to be forced out of it. And yes, once you pull a Virgo out of their insecurity and you earn their trust and respect: you will not believe how fiery a Virgo is in bed!


When a Virgo is taken to bed and breaking taboos, they are someone who can bring you excitement just by looking at you and saying only a few words. Because Virgos attach great importance to intellect, rhetoric is not something to leave out during sex. Letting your partner know what is going well and guiding them in search of pleasure is typical of a Virgo in bed.

How are Virgos in Bed - Step 5

All very good so far, but Virgos have a problem. They never stop thinking, planning and analysing. For them everything should be as it should be. Therefore, a failure in sex, is something which disturbs them or even the absence of sex with your partner is something that affects them and keeps them awake at night. Therefore, with Virgos it is always best to talk about everything so that they are not distracted or immerse themselves in doubts or suspicions uncertainties.


Furthermore, this analytical capacity of a Virgo means they will constantly be thinking in detail about how the sex was to see how they can improve and feel more satisfied with the task of pleasing their partner. It is important for you to guide a Virgo in bed, tell them what you like, how you like it, make them feel better, which will reinforce their ability to please you. The more you talk to a Virgo, the less you will want to change.

How are Virgos in Bed - Step 7

A Virgo in bed likes cleanliness. The more clean, fragrant and groomeed their partner is, the more comfortable they will feel. They in turn offer what they expect; you will never bump into a Virgo with bad hygiene. On the contrary, they are always fragrant, clean, wearing new underwear if possible.


A Virgo's erogenous zones in bed are the back of the knee, abdomen area around the navel, cuddling throughout the body, tender affection in the face, the centre of the back and crotch. Music and porn movies are a great way to wake a Virgo's sexuality. The signs of the zodiac more sexually compatible with a Virgo are: Cancer, Aquarius and Gemini.

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How are Virgos in Bed