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Sex Positions For Gay Men - Top 10!

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: May 16, 2019
Sex Positions For Gay Men - Top 10!

Gay sex offers a wide range of possibilities and positions where pleasure is always guaranteed. This pleasure lies in the variety of fun and exciting positions two men can experience together. The key here is being open to experimentation and trying new and different sexual positions.

Are you looking for the best sex positions for gay men? If so, this article is for you! Here we have collected a list of 10 of our BEST sex positions for a men (pictures included!), allowing for optimal pleasure and intense orgasms. So boys, you ready?

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Steps to follow:


Are you wondering what do gay men like in bed? Let’s start with Doggy-style lying-down, a classic and infallible anal sex position. Have you ever tried doggy style? Well this position, you could say, is a more comfortable ‘type’ of doggy-style. Follow these simple steps:

  1. The man on top should have strong arms so that he is able to move his body during penetration.
  2. One man lies face down on his stomach, lifting his hips slightly.
  3. The other guy will lay on top of the man below and penetrate from behind.
  4. For comfort an deeper entrance, the man being penetrated from the bottom can place a cushion under his belly.
  5. And enjoy!
Sex Positions For Gay Men - Top 10! - Step 1

The spooning sex position is another classic good sex position for gay men. This Kamasutra inspired position is a great position to try when you’ve just woken up. The active man, will enter from behind while also masturbating his partner, guaranteeing MAXIMUM pleasure. This is a position where both the ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ can enjoy equal pleasure. In addition to the fiery-ness of this position, it is also incredibly intimate!

Sex Positions For Gay Men - Top 10! - Step 2

Normal doggy style, perfect for the best anal sex.

Why is this position so popular though? Well it’s because this sex position is sure to guarantee deep and pleasant penetration that, alternated with kisses and masturbation, can be delicious for both men involved.

Sex Positions For Gay Men - Top 10! - Step 3

The drunk boat sex position is great for deep penetration and complete anal stimulation. This position should be performed with medium or low intensity so as not to hurt your partner. Follow these simple steps:

  • The bottom will lie on his back with his knees up to chest, slightly lifting his hips.
  • The top will penetrate from above, facing his partner.
  • The bottom can hook his legs around the top man’s hips for extra control.
Sex Positions For Gay Men - Top 10! - Step 4

Let’s call this position the ‘mirror of pleasure’. This is an ideal position for an intimate and sexually charged experience:

  1. The man on the bottom will lie down on his back and lift both legs.
  2. The man on top will sit on his knees, entering and lifting his partner’s legs.
  3. The man on the bottom can masturbate himself while being penetrated.
  4. The perfect face-to-face position for two lovers to enjoy!
Sex Positions For Gay Men - Top 10! - Step 5

The "macho doggy-style" is a very popular gay man sex position. This position is exactly the same as normal doggy-style, except for the fact that both men are standing. The man in the front receiving should lean at an angle for optimal pleasure.

Sex Positions For Gay Men - Top 10! - Step 6

Face to face. Although simple to do, this sex position for gay men does require endurance and strength from the man on top. Feel free to alternate with other positions to better manage energy and prolong pleasure.

  1. One man sits legs out on his bottom.
  2. His partner will sit on his penis, lifting himself up with his arms.
  3. Be careful! Penetration in this position can be very deep, so make sure you can control the deepness well so as not to hurt your partner or yourself.
Sex Positions For Gay Men - Top 10! - Step 7

Are you looking for different and fun ways to have anal sex? If so, this position is for you!

Sex Positions For Gay Men - Top 10! - Step 8

Are you looking to experience some delicious anal penetration while also being able to kiss and experience intimacy with your partner? If that’s the case, lie on your back and lift your legs over your partner’s shoulders. Once he enters you, providing you are a little flexible, he will be able to kiss you while also deepening penetration!

Sex Positions For Gay Men - Top 10! - Step 9

Even though there are many more sexual positions for gay men, the most pleasant and popular is called ‘the fusion’. Here, the bottom will take control, setting the rhythm and taking full advantage of how deep he goes. His free hands will allow him to masturbate his partner, while also caressing and having great vision of this pleasurable experience!

Sex Positions For Gay Men - Top 10! - Step 10

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Sex Positions For Gay Men - Top 10!