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How to Relieve Clitoris Swelling

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: June 13, 2017
How to Relieve Clitoris Swelling

The clitoris is the primary female's erogenous zone, source of sexual pleasure. Although the majority of medical problems in this area are not too serious, depending on the problem it can cause a big discomfort and pain in the patient suffering from them. Clitoris swelling is one of the most common problems with this area, and it can be caused by many factors. A swollen clitoris can produce discomfort to the patient when sitting or walking, to a point of even making it impossible. It is recommended to visit your gynaecologist if you're experiencing pain from a swollen clitoris, but sometimes some remedies might alleviate your discomfort and reduce the swelling in a couple of days. In this article you'll find out how to relieve clitoris swelling and whether it is advisable to visit your gynaecologist or not.

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  1. What are the main causes of clitoris swelling
  2. Relieving clitoris swelling with cold
  3. Relieving clitoris swelling with creams
  4. When to visit a gynaecologist

What are the main causes of clitoris swelling

There are several factors that can cause your clitoris to swell:

You can get more detailed information on what causes clitoris swelling in this article.

Some of these causes are more dangerous than others and should be checked by a professional. If you suspect your clitoris is swelled because of a vaginal infection you should visit your gynecologist. However, if you experience clitoris swelling after strong or excessive sexual contact, this doesn't usually need to be consulted with your gynecologist. If your clitoris is swelled after sexual intercourse it is totally normal due to the rubbing and blood accumulation in the area.

If sexual activity is the cause for your clitoris to be swollen, below you'll find some remedies you can use to try to alleviate the pain.

Relieving clitoris swelling with cold

Cold slows down the blood flow, so it is recommended to reduce pain and swelling. Apply a cold compress or ice wrapped in a cotton cloth directly to the area. The cold should reduce the swelling and turn blood circulation back to normal again. Apply the cold whenever you feel discomfort from the swelling and wait for some time until you feel better.

Don't use compresses that are too cold as the clitoris is a very sensitive area and the cold will feel colder than on other parts of your body.

How to Relieve Clitoris Swelling - Relieving clitoris swelling with cold

Relieving clitoris swelling with creams

If you don't want to apply cold directly to your clitoris you can use creams to relieve the pain and soothe the area.

You can apply aloe vera to your clitoris, its gel texture and moisturizing properties will help reduce pain, inflammation and burning sensation. Use a cream that is as natural as possible, as commercial aloe vera creams might also contain chemicals that might be counterproductive for your clitoris. You can also apply aloe vera directly from the leaves of the plant, for an even greater natural effect.

If you don't have aloe vera at home, you can go to the pharmacist and ask for a local anaesthetic gel. This gel will reduce the pain and discomfort in your clitoris.

How to Relieve Clitoris Swelling - Relieving clitoris swelling with creams

When to visit a gynaecologist

If the clitoris is swollen due to rubbing during sexual activity, it should go back to its normal size within a couple of days. Apply cold and cream to your clitoris and avoid sexual relations until your clitoris feels good again. If after a couple of days your clitoris is still swelled and the pain hasn't reduced it is recommended that you visit your gynaecologist.

As previously said, the majority of times clitoris swelling might not be a sign of a serious ailment, but it is advisable to visit a professional if the pain doesn't disappear.

How to Relieve Clitoris Swelling - When to visit a gynaecologist

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Hey doc i had unprotected sex with a new partner... Change of r underwear and change of bathroom supplies... So i had a burning sanitation.... Now mi clit is itchy.... Painful... What do i doo
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Mbali,

The information in this article is purely informative and we cannot provide a diagnosis. Your problem could be due to various issues, so you will need to seek a doctor's advice for diagnosis.
Pain :
If ice pack doesn't relieve or ease pain, then is something very wrong? Is that a sign of infection? Should I not wait it out and go see the gyn? [I thought it was a new symptom pre menstruation because I know my cycle starts soon, but I'm starting to have second doubts...]
OneHowTo Editor

If in doubt, it is always best to be safe than sorry and go to the doctor. We can't diagnose anything here, but they will be able to give you a better idea and assess you entire clinical picture.
Please mention that clitoral irritation can be from sanitary napkins. I am 65, not sexually active, and had a cervical polyp removed and had to wear sanitary napkins for 7 days due to the bleeding after the polyp removal. I started to get very irritated on the tip of clitoris and it really hurt at times. went to gyn and he saw the irritation and said it was from the sanitary pads - they have chlorine in them. I said i always used to wear sanitary napkins and he said now my skin is drier (post menopausal). He recommened cortison cream but I have many allergies and like to use more natural things. Am using a little coconut oil in that area - sometimes seems better but when dressed yesterday it really was very uncomfortable and hurt a bit. In house he said to not wear panties, so i have been wearing nightgowns all day. It's been a week, last night tried homeopathic calendula gel which I have often used on other areas of my skin but it itched me right away in the clitoris. So going back to using coconut oil. Never had anything like this before. Am looking in to buying natural sanitary pads for the future if need. In the meantime I am still very very uncomfortable.
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Anna,

Thank you for your input, I'm sure many of our readers will find this perspective very useful.
I experience this every other month after my monthly circle and it’s very uncomfortable, I have used the same brand of sanitary napkin since I was 18 and I’m 27 now. It started when I turned 26, if you find a solution, please share.
Am in Africa and am experiencing swollen clitoris, what should I do
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Lizzy,
If you can get hold of some ice and wrap it in a cloth, you can relieve the pain for some time, though you should really go to the gynaecologist or doctor if it is still swollen after a couple of days.

Hope you get well.
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How to Relieve Clitoris Swelling