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How to Please a Taller Woman

Alice Marini
By Alice Marini. Updated: February 7, 2017
How to Please a Taller Woman

If you want to please a taller woman you should behave confidently and not be intimidated by her height in intimate, as well as social situations.

That is really the best "how to please a taller woman" advice we can give you, and we argument on that in our article on how to attract a taller girl. Then, there are some technical details to take into consideration when kissing a taller girl, and making love to a taller woman. In this oneHOWTO article we will discuss both the psychological and physical factors involved when you are trying to satisfy a taller woman. Because, like with older women, sometimes men are insecure when it comes to how to satisfy a taller woman. So, read on to discover how to kiss a taller girl and how to please a taller woman.

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Steps to follow:

How to kiss a taller girl is the first step to pleasing a taller woman in bed. If you are new to kissing a taller woman just relax, it is not weird, it is not hard, just be natural. Having said that, you have a few options when it comes to how to kiss a taller girl:

  • Both of you are sitting: is the easiest position to kiss a taller girl because the upper body part is usually similar in length, the real difference is in the legs.
  • She is sitting and you are standing: unless you are considerably shorter than her, this position will require you to bend, and her to look up, which will be a nice change for her, being used to be taller all the time.
  • If you are both standing, you should gently pull her face down towards you and put your other arm around her waist. That way she will fell you are in control, and you know what you are doing, again a nice change for a woman probably used to dominate.
  • Never rise yourself up on your toes, it looks kind of weird for a guy.

Now that you know how to kiss a taller girl, you can learn how to satisfy a taller woman.

How to Please a Taller Woman - Step 1

The first suggestion has a lot to do with your mindset, but then translates into physical acts as well. That is, you should feel empowered, masculine, in control when you are trying to please a taller woman.

Taller women are used to men not being comfortable with them, so they are often used to dominate. If you want to surprise a taller woman both in bed and in life, you should take control and not be submissive. That will show your confidence does not rely on physical superiority but on your personality, and there is nothing sexier than that.

It does not mean you can never let her be in control during sex, of course you can play however you wish, but it is just nice for a taller woman to feel like a woman, to be "manhandled" from time to time. We are sure that will please you too.

So, the first step to satisfying a taller woman is quite psychological...


A taller girl is used to be the center of attention, she is used to people staring at her. That can translate into being quite active and confident in bed, or the opposite: insecure and self-conscious. Try to understand the kind of taller woman you have in front of you. The way you can make love to a taller woman will depend on her personality: how to please a taller woman will depend on her confidence too.

If you think she has a problem with her height, do not bring the issue up while having sex. You should especially not bring it up in a compassionate way such as: "I am totally OK with your height". What you can do, however, is make her feel beautiful because of her height, not in spite of it. Something along the lines of "your sexy legs" is fine. Make her understand you are attracted by tall women and you are confident. Making a tall woman feel feminine, desired and beautiful because of her height will make your sex life a lot better.

Let's come to more practical tips on how to make love to a taller woman.

How to Please a Taller Woman - Step 3

If you want to please a taller woman, whenever you can, you should throw her around, because she is not used to that, and she will probably love it. The bottom line is, do not do something you are physically not capable of. The point here is making her feel light and feminine, not heavy like an elephant. This is a good tip to please a taller woman.


Let's come to how to make love to a taller woman, and the best positions to do so:

  • Standing sex from behind is great with taller women, not so easy with shorter women.
  • Missionary is also a good sex position to try with a taller woman. If she is a little bit taller, you can kiss during sex, if she is considerably taller, you can kiss her breasts.
  • Let her ride: she can be on top, or you can try the Amazon position, it will be amazing to see her on top.
  • Spooning is another great position when making love to a taller woman.
  • Missionary with her legs over your shoulder is often the preferred position to satisfy a taller woman.
  • Shower sex will be so easy with a taller woman.
  • The only position you will need to work on is doggy style, because she will need to spread her legs a little.

Remember that if you want to know how to make love to a taller woman, and especially how to please a taller woman, you should have quite a sense of humor because sometimes things can get funny, so keep your mind open and a smile on your face if you want to please a taller woman.

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Todd Goetz
I enjoyed how to please a taller woman very much and in fact as male 6’2” I have always been
attracted to tall and later in life very tall women.
My present interest is a magnificent age appropriate woman who is 6’8” and on our first date she showed up wearing flats and I indicated that from now on I only want to see you in hi heels and now years later it’s 5” heels except on the beach and honestly the only awkwardness is the stares comments from some rude people.
It’s just a shame we couldn’t have found each other sooner.
Richard Canty
Making love to tall women you have so much to lick caress and kiss especially does long legs.
Hello,I want khonw how to have sex with a taller woman , please to explain with best sex position image.thanks.
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How to Please a Taller Woman