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How should I act after an argument with my partner

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How should I act after an argument with my partner

It is clear that when we enter a fit of rage, we do not always stop to think what we do or say, but there are environments where maybe we try and control ourselves, such as at work. But when it comes to our relationships sometimes we exploit ourselves in a way that looks self-existent, a mistake that we must learn better with emotional intelligence, so, on we give you some tips so you know how to act after an argument with your partner.

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Steps to follow:


First it is important to learn the art of moderation, self-control and emotional intelligence, because you might be right to be annoyed but at as soon as you let your walls down and say what's on your mind and offend the other you stop being right.


If in the middle of an argument you realize that it's not getting anywhere, appeal to logic and end the argument, suggest that you both calm down and continue talking about it in a more calm and reasonable manner.


Avoid sending compulsive messages, making a thousand calls or forcing the other to speak if they do not want to, you both need space to think about what happened and how to resolve it.


Reflect on what happened and what motivated the fight, it is important to know that there is never just one culprit, it takes two to tango, and often one may be more responsible than another, but both should apologize for their part in the argument. It may be difficult to apologize, but remember that your relationship is worth more than your pride. The only way to truly resolve a conflict is to remove your pride from the discussion.


If you want to solve the conflict stop blaming the other person and try conciliatory tools instead, do not take reproaches to extremes.


Try to calm down and if your partner asks you for some time, yield and give them the space they need. When arguing make sure you use clear points without being hurtful or offensive, the goal is not to hurt the person if you both want to make up.


Do not share the problem you just had with your partner with everyone, if you really need to unburden call someone you know is discreet, you do not want all your friends to know the privacy of your relationship in detail.


Gather and put some order to your ideas, this is vital to think exactly you want to do. Once you've gotten your thoughts straight, you are ready to resolve the conflict

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  • In a conflict with your partner it is important to stay calm, do not say something you might regret later
  • Have emotional intelligence, avoid shouting insults and impulsive acts, it is best for both
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How should I act after an argument with my partner