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How to Masturbate for the First Time - Girls

How to Masturbate for the First Time - Girls

Masturbation is a very natural and pleasant experience. It allows us to explore our body and discover what excites us. It is normal during adolescence for girls to start getting to know their bodies and arouse themselves with different stimuli. However, many women have a huge taboo regarding this topic and believe it is a bad thing. Yet, touching yourself is full of benefits. If you have doubts and do not know where to start, we at oneHOWTO will explain how to masturbate for the first time and enjoy it.

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Steps to follow:


The first thing you need to know is that masturbation is completely natural. It is not harmful or hurtful in any way. You are not violating any moral or ethical rule, nor is there any problem with exploring your body and seeking to please yourself. Masturbating will allow you to achieve the following benefits:

  • It allows you to get to know your body better: Masturbating is a good way to discover what feels pleasurable for you, so that when you come to have sex for the first time, you have some idea of what you like.
  • It reduces stress: when we masturbate, the pleasure we receive during the process and the final ecstasy we experience during orgasm allows us to reduce stress and anxiety levels.

In this oneHOWTO article we tell you more about the benefits of masturbation that will help change your perspective on the subject and feel more comfortable when masturbating.In the case of girls, masturbation offers many options. Different positions, different areas to stimulate, and many ways to self explore. So, we should start simple and try something different at each encounter. Over time you will know what kind of stimulus gives you more pleasure, something that will be very useful for sex.


The first step for girls to masturbate for the first time, is to choose a quiet place. The ideal state to be in is calm, without feeling nervous or scared that someone will find you. It is very important to be relaxed when masturbating. Concentrate on the sensations you are experiencing without worrying. A good place is your room or your bathroom, at a time of day when you know that no one can interrupt you.

In any case, we advise you to wash your hands before starting. Why? If you have been out and about during the rest of the day and have been in contact with other people, your hands will be full of bacteria and dirt. You don't want to touch your private area with dirty hands, do you? Once you have washed them, you can relax and start to masturbate for the first time.


Before masturbating, it is fundamental that you are excited or you have a desire to explore and play with your body. You can think of images that excite you, relive a specific event or think of a person that stimulates your desire. Or, use something more explicit like pornographic films. When you start to get excited, you will feel your vagina moisten a bit internally, every woman is different and the humidity level may vary.You will also feel like your clitoris swells a little and becomes enlarged, a sign that you can begin to stimulate yourself.


Open your legs slightly and begin by playing with your vulva with your middle finger. Start from the entrance of the vaginal opening to the clitoris. The idea is that the lubricant you produce when you get excited should be used as a vehicle to facilitate masturbation. It will make movements softer and more pleasant. But if not enough lubricant is created do not worry, opt for something natural and simple: suck your finger and continue touching. Saliva is one of the best natural lubricants.


The movements must be very gentle. You can touch your clitoris in a circular motion or play with your finger on the entrance of your vulva. Or, you could switch between caresses on your clitoris and penetration - using one or two of your fingers to insert them into your vagina.


While you are playing with your vulva and trying all possibilities, you may also want to caress your breasts.Gently pinch your nipples and let your imagination run wild. You will feel yourself gradually lubricate more whilst your whole body warms up in a highly pleasurable way.


The time to reach orgasm depends on each girl and how excited you are, but what matters is that you stay focused and be patient. Do not lose rhythm and keep thinking about what generates great excitement. Before reaching orgasm you will feel a delicious warmth in the vaginal area, your muscles will contract, your clitoris will be very sensitive, you will feel a slight tingling and a burst of enjoyment and satisfaction...welcome petit mort!


The female body has many ways to be self explored and you can test out what works best for you. You can masturbate sitting with your legs apart, lying on your back with legs wide open or slightly closed if you want more friction. Or lying face down with your hand between your legs. You can use dildos to obtain a more realistic pleasure and experience new forms of excitement.

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i try to masturbate but can never orgasam i don't think fingers are working for me what do u recommend *11*
OneHowTo Editor
We recommend that you focus on the clitoris area instead of the vagina, this is the area where women have the most nervous endings.
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This is very personal, so it's you and your friend's call.
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The legal Age to have Sex is 16, but i fixed had sex with my bf at 14 too and it depends if you think you are ready
How to Masturbate for the First Time - Girls