How to Penetrate a Girl - Tips

By Mary Smith. Updated: June 10, 2018
How to Penetrate a Girl - Tips

While sex is natural and essential to human reproduction, good sex requires technique and taking into account the tastes and desires of your partner. This will help you both to reach ultimate pleasure. There are many ways to enjoy each other sexually, but even the basics can seem daunting if you are inexperienced. Although we have a natural sexual instinct, penetration is not something purely automatic. There are points to consider when either penetrating for the first time or if you have had some trouble before. oneHOWTO has the tips on how to penetrate a girl so that you can have mutually enjoyable, healthy and exciting sex.

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Steps to follow:

Lubrication for penetration

If you are a man penetrating a woman who is not well lubricated, then you can cause damage to the both of you. This is because friction can occur on the labia and vaginal walls if not. It will also make insertion of the penis for penetration difficult in the first place. This can cause trauma and can be a very unpleasant experience. This discomfort can last after sex if the skin is damaged.

A woman may not be well lubricated for various physiological or psychological reasons. If she is on the contraceptive pill or other medication, it can mean a lack of natural lubrication. If she is nervous or inexperienced about sex, then this might mean her mind and vagina aren't connecting as they should. This might be especially the case if she is a virgin.

If your partner isn't well lubricated naturally, perhaps it is a sign she isn't ready. Don't force something which might be making her uncomfortable and make sure you communicate well enough to ensure you don't do the wrong thing.

If she does want to, but is just having a little trouble getting going, you can use a personal lubricant (also known as lube). You can use this to lubricate the labia and the vaginal opening for penetration. You should find that this well help things get going naturally, but make sure you respond to her so that it is as comfortable as possible.

How to Penetrate a Girl - Tips - Step 1

Importance of foreplay

One of the reasons your partner might not be well lubricated is that you haven't got each other going properly. Foreplay is very important as it helps you to stimulate each other, build up the passion and intensify your pleasure. It will also help to make her produce her own natural lubricant to make penetration smoother.

If you are worried about how to penetrate correctly, then it is possible you don't have a lot of experience. This is why we have these tips to help you. Often with those who don't have much experience, they can move too fast and try to penetrate too soon.

The type of foreplay is up to you. You might want to set the mood a little bit, undress each other slowly and even start with some other types of sex like fingering or oral sex (if you are comfortable).

Oral sex in particular can be helpful as it will help her to lubricate and get in the mood. However, it is not always a step people with not much experience feel comfortable with, so don't go too far too soon if either of you are uncomfortable. This is part of what foreplay is for; to make sure you are both in the right mood and to stimulate each other for good sex.

How to Penetrate a Girl - Tips - Step 2

Going places

When you want to know how to penetrate a vagina correctly, one stumbling block for some is knowing where to aim for. With time and practice you will have a better idea of where you are going, but you might need a little help.

Either you or your partner can help guide the penis (or even dildo or strap-on for other types of sex/relationships). Start by moving the labia (vaginal lips) to each side. You should be able to see where the vaginal opening is and can have a better idea of where to insert. The woman can hold her labia open with two fingers and then guide with her hand towards the opening.

Not everyone's vagina is going to look the same, but we have a rough guide on those with certain similarities.

We are talking about penetrative vaginal sex in this article, but this is not the only place you can penetrate. Read this article for pleasurable anal sex if you want to know more.

How to Penetrate a Girl - Tips - Step 3

Maintain a good rhythm

The pace during sex is very important so that when entering your girl you should take into account the level of excitement, atmosphere and the position which you are in to increase or decrease the pace.

Especially avoid always doing the same thing or penetrating your girl too hard and fast, as though this may be nice for a few seconds, it usually cause discomfort and irritation by excess friction resulting from such speed.

When penetrating a vagina, rhythm is important. If you go too fast, too soon, then it is likely neither of you will have much fun. Women often need more time to build an orgasm, so moving slowly at first and increasing the speed only when you get closer to climax will result in a better orgasm. It will increase the chances of her climaxing through penetration.

How to Penetrate a Girl - Tips - Step 4

Changing positions

One of the most important aspects when penetrating a woman so that you both enjoy it is to vary the sexual positions during intercourse. This will not only help you avoid ejaculating too fast but also allow both new and pleasant experiences and sensations.

Once you know how to penetrate a girl correctly, you can start to play with the angles of penetration and see what you both enjoy. This can help spice up a relationship, especially if you are starting to get a little bored. Once you and your partner start to enjoy penetration, you might want to know how to perform deep thrust to make it even better.


When having sex, instead of thinking only of yourself think about the enjoyment of both, it will be very easy to follow these tips to penetrate your girl and enhance your sex.

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How to Penetrate a Girl - Tips
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