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How to Effortlessly Attract the Woman You Want

Elsie Goycoolea
By Elsie Goycoolea. Updated: January 7, 2019
How to Effortlessly Attract the Woman You Want

For two people to like each other and want to start a relationship, there must be some level of attraction. Attraction must be reciprocated, which means that getting your love interest to set eyes on you is imperative. Flirting comes naturally to many men; but some people find it hard to unleash their attraction tactics to make their significant other interested in starting a conversation with you. There isn’t a clear-cut explanation as to how does attraction work or how to make a woman fall in love with you; however, there are some strategies you may want to try to make a woman feel attracted to you.

In this oneHOWTO article we share how to effortlessly attract the woman you want.

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  1. Use humor
  2. Show confidence
  3. Treat her like a lady
  4. Beyond simple attraction

Use humor

It is an old classic; but one that never fails. Everyone likes to laugh and have a fun time, so getting her to enjoy your company is a great way to create some attraction. When you smile, or laugh, your muscles relax and you put your guards down. Most women tend to build a wall when first meeting other men as a way to protect themselves from getting hurt or meeting the wrong person. If you manage to make her comfortable and at ease, you are most likely to get her number at the end of the date.

How to Effortlessly Attract the Woman You Want - Use humor

Show confidence

Confidence is attractive. Showing that you are confident in yourself may spark some curiosity from your love interest. Confidence is also sexy; but be careful not to appear cocky or full of yourself. It is not easy to appear confident so maybe start by working on your body language and non-verbal communication. Perhaps grab a glass of wine to avoid fidgeting with your hands if you feel nervous. If you fear that you may say the wrong thing, take it slowly on work on your listening skills until you see signs that she is into you. If you are nervous because you are going out with a taller girl, read our guide.

Treat her like a lady

When it comes to courtship, there is very little left from the times where the man had an arduous job of winning over a woman. Nowadays, not many women expect men to have to fight for their love. However, that is not to say that turning yourself into a gentleman and treating her like a lady will not win you some points. For instance, buy her a drink, open the door for her, lend her your jacket if she is cold, walk her to her door or stand up if she goes to the bathroom. These small gestures are gold and not many men don't remember to do them.

How to Effortlessly Attract the Woman You Want - Treat her like a lady

Beyond simple attraction

Attraction can develop into deeper and more intense feelings. Sometimes, it takes very little to feel sexual attraction between two people. You must be careful not to surpass the level of comfort that your woman may have over physical touch. It may only take a small touch on the lower back or at the top of the knee to have electrical currents running across her body. Gently test the grounds if you see that she is being receptive to you; but take it slowly and always follow her lead.

How to Effortlessly Attract the Woman You Want - Beyond simple attraction

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How to Effortlessly Attract the Woman You Want