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How to Make a Hipster Guy Like You

Alice Marini
By Alice Marini. Updated: March 28, 2017
How to Make a Hipster Guy Like You

You like hipster guys and are wondering how to make that hipster guy like you? Hipster guys can be attractive and interesting. They will not be the traditional sexist men, they will be able to discuss books and movies, and they have amazing hipster haircuts and beards.

However, that could make it even harder to make a hipster guy like you. You will need to understand hipster culture and adapt to it, still remaining yourself and keeping your self-confidence intact. We will help you with a few tips that will make you conquer your handsome hipster guy´s heart. So, read on because today, at OneHowTo we will teach you How to Make a Hipster Guy Like You.

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Steps to follow:


Hipster clothing

If you want to make a hipster guy like you, you will have to dress in a way he finds attractive. You should know how to look like a hipster girl. There is no specific "hipster look" you should adopt, but a few tips are:

  • if you wear glasses, don´t feel ugly wearing them. Hipster actually like glasses, they will give you an intellectual look
  • don´t feel forced to wear make up. Hipster girls often do not wear any make up and feel completely comfortable with that
  • hipster girls tend to adopt and androgynous style: think your mum´s jeans and a wide shirt
  • ultimately, if you want to achieve a hipster style, you should just be creative and not follow the current mainstream trends. Be effortlessly cool to make a hipster guy like you
How to Make a Hipster Guy Like You - Step 1

Hipster interests

In order to make a hipster guy like you, you should show them that you are an interesting person. It will not only be the look that will conquer an hipster. The typical things hipsters like are:

  • indie music, fashion and cinema
  • photography
  • the arts in general: hipsters will be into romantically artistic relationships. Forget about boring evenings at the mall and be "free spirited" and artsy if you want a hipster guy to like you
  • books: start reading French philosophers: Foucault should be on the top of your list. A hipster guy will enjoy engaging in an intellectual conversation
  • be aware of cultural events and be curious: an hipster guy will eventually get bored of a non stimulating relationship
How to Make a Hipster Guy Like You - Step 2

Places hipsters like

What you should immediately know about making a hipster guy like you is that a hipster guy is generally not the typical dominant male. Hipster guys are often in touch with their feminine side, and they will appreciate you having ideas about what to do on a first day. Forget typical man-woman dynamics and read our tips on a first day with a hipster guy:

  • go out by bicycle: don´t expect him to pay for a taxi!
  • a coffee shop that is not a major corporation and that serves good, strong coffee is generally speaking a place a hipster guy will like
  • choose the right neighborhood: it is very important to choose a neighborhood where you can just stroll around and run into something interesting
  • a gallery opening (not mainstream art) can be a good place to take your hipster guy to
  • flea markets are also places hipsters like
  • if you want to eat out, opt for a restaurant serving organic, vegetarian food
  • Avoid the local mall or any other mainstream, commercial spot
  • keep it cheap: hipsters are not into expensive stuff. a good company is much more important than the money you spend. And don´t expect them to pay: you are equal
  • any industrial style place will also help you conquer a hipster guy
  • Most importantly, if you want to make a hipster guy like you, go with the flow. Be free spirited, don´t plan too much, change you plans, stay curious and open
How to Make a Hipster Guy Like You - Step 3


If you want to make a hipster guy like you, you shouldn´t look too available. Act cool, and don´t show that you are too interested. Be smart, have interests, don´t make a hipster guy the center of your world.

Also, making a hipster guy like you should not come at the expense of who you are. Ultimately, a hipster guy should like you for who you are. If he is too superficial, he is just into hipster clothing, and he judges everything from that point of view, maybe he is not worth your efforts.

Do you have any experience on how to make a hipster guy like you? Tell us about it...

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How to Make a Hipster Guy Like You