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How to give a man a tantric massage

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to give a man a tantric massage

Tantra is a branch of yoga which focusses on separating consciousness from the physical body. One branch of tantra is tantric sex, which is a deep, spiritual form of making love that transcends the physical world. A good prelude to tantric sex that will get you both in the right state of mind, is a massage. A tantric massage is a pleasant experience that will bring your partner to a new level of enjoyment. At, we provide you with all the tips you need to discover how to give a man a tantric massage.

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Steps to follow:


Unlike a conventional erotic massage, a tantric massage of the penis is not intended to bring your partner to ejaculation but to stimulate the energy of this important erogenous zone to experience sexual pleasure and connection from another perspective.


To begin with this tantric massage, create an ideal environment for relaxation: Choose a moment of calm in which you know that almost nothing will interrupt you. Tantric sex isn't something that should be rushed, so make sure you both have plenty of time. Light up the room with scented candles, incense, and create an atmosphere that inspires calm and pleasure.


Play to stimulate and excite your partner as you usually do and make the most of every part: the view of you slowly and seductively undressing, allowing him to caress your body and your caressing his too, the taste of kisses, the smell of your lover's skin and yours and of course the ear, where all sorts of erotic words come into play.


Before doing the tantric massage, it is important to know all the sensitive points of the genitals. Besides the whole penis, make the most of the enjoyment that the testis, scrotum and perineum generate. All these areas are extremely important to performing this type of massage.


For a tantric massage of the penis it is important to use lubrication. Use soft essential oils such as almond, which is an ideal moisturiser that will give softness to your movements making the experience a wealth of incredible sensations for him.


For this tantric massage, you must use two hands. The movements should be upward as indicated in the image but also downwards in a more gentle manner. Use one of your hands to massage his testicles, scrotum and perineum, while the other deals with the penis from the base to the gland, always keeping the pace and using full hands, you should take the penis and testicles with the entire palm area, gently but firmly at the same time.

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It is important that you deliver yourself to enjoying this practice and put your spiritual energy in to it, something which your guy will feel straight away. Dare to be creative, to enjoy yourself, to allow sexual energy to take over you while you please your partner. Do not limit yourself, do not think about if you are doing good or bad, take advantage of this practice to stimulate intimacy and create new bonds.

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How to give a man a tantric massage