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How to have tantric sex

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to have tantric sex

Tantra is a branch of yoga that is devoted to sexual aspects, ideal for those who are on a spiritual journey, willing to see sexual intercourse as something more than carnal, as a tool for individual and couple growth. It's easy to transmit the concept, the difficult part is taking it into practice, that's why would like to offer you a starter's guide so you can learn how to have tantric sex.


  1. Opening your mind
  2. Time is necessary
  3. Concentrate on breathing
  4. The art of caressing
  5. Endless kisses
  6. Controlled penetration
  7. Containing ejaculation
  8. The peak of pleasure
  9. Orientation

Opening your mind

Tantric sex isn't about saying: Ok, let's go! It requires mental preparation and opening your mind, being more simple for beginners who have practised meditation and relaxation. The final aim of this type of encounter is not an orgasm, but realisation of another spiritual level, the whole trip, which is why at the beginning it can be difficult to practise, but some tips may help

Time is necessary

Tantric sex practice takes its time, which is why you should prepare the environment, create a relaxing atmosphere so you can disconnect and start a journey of the senses, it's not a practice you should do if you're looking for a "quickie". Moreover, to dominate this art it can take months and even years, it all depends on the couple's evolution.

Concentrate on breathing

To start with, sit one in front of the other and start concentrating on your breathing, looking for relaxation. Whilst one is breathing in the other breathes out, feeling how the energy flows through each other's bodies, dominating your breath is vital for any kind of meditation, including tantric sex

The art of caressing

Exploring is basic in tantric sex, which is why you should start caressing your partner softly, tracing all his/her body with no rush, give and receive encouraging erotism and passion through your touch. Use balsamic oils to make it easier, you can also use other technique such as feathers to create new sensations

Endless kisses

Kissing is usually forgotten by many couples who have been together for long, tantric sex can bring this back. Lying down or face-to-face, kiss your partner, enjoying the sensation, on the mouth, on your erogenous zones, without any rush and feeling and making your partner feel the power of sexual desire through your lips.

Controlled penetration

After long strokes and delicious kisses you'll both feel very aroused, it's the moment of penetration, but not in the usual way. The man penetrates the woman and once inside there are no movements, just feel the penis inside the vagina whilst the caressing continues, the impulse to have conventional sex must be contained. The penis comes out and in between games, kisses and touch which can last long, many minutes, or even hours. Here are some of the best positions to have tantric sex.

Containing ejaculation

The final goal of tantric sex is to control and fully take advantage of the sexual energy, that's why you must avoid ejaculation for as long as possible. During penetration rounds you must both control yourselves so you don't reach an orgasm and enjoy the pleasure of the moment, combine with kisses and strokes and concentrate more, this step is one of the hardest and will possibly take a long time to master, but with work and meditation you can reach the goal of pleasure without ejaculation.

The peak of pleasure

After many minutes, in higher levels even hours, kisses, caresses and tantric penetrations, you will both reach a level in which the energy will suddenly come, the peak of pleasure that comes with an orgasm will fill your body and will not only stay in the genital area, providng an unexperienced sensation. This is what makes couples have this kind of sex often.


Tantric sex is not a simple practice, that's why orientation is recommend it, may it be through books, classes or consultations, the idea is to move forward in a direction that will allow you to fully enjoy your sexual energy as a couple, reaching a much higher level than the average, and start enjoying sex in another perspective. If you want to k

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How to have tantric sex