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How to know if you're in love

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to know if you're in love

The excitement that characterises the beginning of a relationship, that fluttering in your stomach, the constant thoughts about the other person, are clear indications of love for many people. They're the first signs of attraction and the thrill of your first moments with someone. Love is a much more deep and complex feeling that doesn't happen overnight. At we'll give you some insight into how to know if you're in love.

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Steps to follow:

Everyone experiences love in different ways, although some are quite universal. Don't confuse attraction and desire with love, the latter is a deep feeling that's not solely based on superficial elements.


We're not always attracted to the person, nor do we always desire them. However, loving someone means feelings these emotions for that person through good times and bad.

How to know if you're in love - Step 2

If you think of that person often and unexpectedly, if beyond the initial attraction you can visualise yourself with them in the near and distant future, if you want to mentally make plans, and do things with them, you may be starting to fall in love.


If you enjoy their company, like their way of thinking and their views and you want to spend time with them and hear their voice, there's a deeper aspect to your interaction.


If there's strong chemistry and a physical attraction, that's also reflected in the inner aspect of the person. If you close your eyes and you can imagine that person despite the years passing and their physical changes, you may be starting to fall in love.


You want the best for that person and feel the need to protect them. If there's a strong sense of attachment and well-being whenever you're with them.


Love doesn't happen overnight, it's driven by preference. You can be attracted or like someone suddenly, but love is more unhurried. You must get to know the person and become connected to them. Some people tend to be very romantic and this often leads to trouble, so they should learn how to avoid falling in love too fast.


Even though love and excitement are related, love isn't only thrills. You know that you're in love with someone, when, with all their flaws and virtues, you still would do anything for that person.


Deep down only you know if you're really in love. If, after the attraction, desire and excitement dissipate, there's still a strong and intense feeling that moves you, then it's very possible that you're deeply in love.


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How to know if you're in love