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How to Use Chocolate in Bed

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 3, 2022
How to Use Chocolate in Bed

No doubt, chocolate is an ingredient that is extremely sensual, delicious and full of eroticism. It can generate as much pleasure when we eat it as when we use it for an evening of creative and fun sex. If you fancy a change and want to surprise your partner, then this article will be of interest to you. Next in we explain how to use chocolate in bed so you can have an unforgettable encounter.

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Steps to follow:


Chocolate is not only a favourite ingredient for many, it also has very positive effects on our health, especially in the field of sexual stimulation. This food is considered an aphrodisiac and excellent to improve our mood as it stimulates the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that makes us feel much more willing and cheerful.

Consuming chocolate before sex is a good idea, but putting it in foreplay is a very creative and erotic way to make use of its benefits.


A great way to use chocolate in bed is using chocolate body paint, a product that can be easily found in erotic stores or on-line, as it will make your sexual encounters very hot.

It is a pot of chocolate that comes with a thin brush and used to make figures on your partner's body then you lick it off to make the encounter as pleasurable as possible.


But you don't need to go to a sex store to use chocolate in bed, you just need to take a stroll through the supermarket to find the perfect ingredients. Chocolate syrup is ideal because of its liquid consistency making it perfect to bath the body of your partner and then lick all off it from head to toe. However, before doing so make sure it's at room temperature because if it's too cold, it may not feel so comfortable.


And if you want a 'cleaner' way to use this ingredient, then buy a box of good chocolates and get ready to reward your partner. For every action he or she performs that generates pleasure you give them a chocolate. If it is you that loves this ingredient then give the box to your partner and tell him or her to ask whatever they want from you, you will do it in exchange of a chocolate.

It's likely that neither of you will be able to eat chocolate again without remembering that encounter!


And if you are unsure how to use chocolate in bed or what activities can be done with this ingredient at OneHowTo we offer some ideas:

  • Put a little chocolate on your girl's breasts and kiss them with dedication.
  • Use it for oral sex, although it is not recommended to apply directly to the inside of the genitals, you can smear it around and enjoy licking your partner's erogenous points.
  • Chocolate is also excellent to suggest to your partner what is coming next, wet your fingers with a little chocolate and lick it off to show that you will do the same with other parts of his or her body.
  • You can apply it anywhere you feel like running your tongue over and make your partner go wild with pleasure.

To use chocolate in bed and enjoy it fully note that:

  • It is better to protect the sheets or the surface where you will play, otherwise the chocolate may stain.
  • Note that this practice is delicious but also sticky, after the game the bathroom is mandatory.
  • Make sure your partner also enjoys chocolate, otherwise the game will not be as pleasant as you thought.

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wouldnt tell
Hi there
We use chocolate syrup regularly like once in a month.
The best possible way is to first put driplets of syrup on different areas of your partner's body. The. Slowly spreading the syrup on the entire body of your partner with both your hands . Then do a body on body thing to get the syrup applied to yoyr body too. Then lick each others body. Once you are done with your body, just put one or two drops of syrup on her lips and then give a passionate kiss. Then apply it to face and lick it off his or her face.This will make her fully wet and you are going to enjoy it too.

Keep changing the syrup. Try maple, caramel, strawberry etc.
How to Use Chocolate in Bed