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How Do You Know when You Are Really in Love? - Top 7 Signs

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. July 5, 2017
How Do You Know when You Are Really in Love? - Top 7 Signs

If you are one of those people that think they have never fallen in love even though you have been in a relationship you should not worry. Love is very subjective and everyone lives it in their own way. However, there are certain emotional changes that we all feel when we are in love. We must also bear in mind that there is not the same infatuation in its initial phase, when the relationship is starting and you get know that person, and when it's been several months since you have been going or even years. True love is felt from beginning to end, but many couples break up before they get to experience that change in the way they love someone. In this article, we tell you: how do you know when you are really in love? No matter if you are at the beginning of a relationship or have been in one for ages.

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  1. Butterflies in your stomach
  2. Rapid heart beat
  3. Altered emotions
  4. You want to spend time with that person
  5. You care about the other person
  6. Idealizing the person
  7. Becoming a better person

Butterflies in your stomach

How many times have we heard the famous expression "butterflies in the stomach" when you fall in love? And you may not know what it means. It actually refers to the knot in your stomach that you feel when you like a person, especially at the beginning of a relationship, in its earliest stage. This is nothing but one of the things that happen to your body when you fall in love, that results from the nerves we feel when we are getting to know someone sentimentally.

Our stomach is known as the second brain, since it also has neurons. Both combined react and that tingling sensation occurs in the stomach or even knot. First dates are very exciting and thrilling, but at the same time it is normal to be nervous. That is why during the first few days, or even weeks, we feel this tickling in the stomach every time we meet that special person.

Rapid heart beat

If the butterflies in your stomach are a pretty well-known sign that you are really in love, what about those racing heart beats? Another of the feelings that you have when you really fall in love with someone is the acceleration of the heart. It will seem like it wants to get out of your chest. It is also due to a mixture of excitement and nervousness.

If you get a whatsapp message, an email, a call or any notification from that special person your heart speeds up. Just like when you're going to meet with him/her.

It may not accelerate too much and simply be a thump-like heartbeat, a moment that leaves you breathless and fills you with emotion. As the heart races, we get more oxygen and it therefore also increases the speed of our breathing at times.

How Do You Know when You Are Really in Love? - Top 7 Signs - Rapid heart beat

Altered emotions

When you really fall in love, your emotions are altered. At first, you may feel exalted with happiness and excitement. We are an explosion of feelings of joy, nerves and exaltation.

As time goes by, our emotions are balanced and although we continue to feel that attraction and affection for the other person, we do not get nervous anymore.

At the beginning of falling in love, it is normal to undergo changes that affect our emotional state, for example we lose our appetite. With the passage of time, emotions balance and give way to a less exalted and more peaceful relationship but equally full of love. Really falling in love will give you a sense of peace and serenity.

You want to spend time with that person

It is normal that during the first days, weeks or even months you want to spend a lot of time with that person.

For the relationship to be lasting and healthy, you must spend some time alone or with friends apart from with that special person, since the relationship could become dependent.

When you fall in love, you want to spend every day and every hour with that person, however, when you are really in love with someone, you want to live your life but share things with that special someone. When you really fall in love, you do not need to obsess with that person, you do not need to possess him or her at every moment, but rather the opposite, you want to keep moving on with your life, have your freedom and be able to share those experiences with your loved one. This moment marks the difference between passing infatuation and that of true, unconditional love with respect and freedom.

To really fall in love does not mean to own a person or not to let him or her do what they want because we always want to have them by our side, because we have to spend as much time as possible together. It means the opposite, that each other has their own life and share it.

How Do You Know when You Are Really in Love? - Top 7 Signs - You want to spend time with that person

You care about the other person

As the relationship progresses, that special person begins to mean more and more to you. Although at the beginning you also worry about him or her, the truth is that as the months and the years progress, being in love really means that his or her problems become yours. You may even prioritize their necessities over yours for

Idealizing the person

When you fall in love at the beginning of a relationship, you idealize the other person. You think that they are the best person you can spend the rest of your life with and that is perfect. However, this feeling does not remain forever.

When you are really in love, this does not mean you have found the perfect person, because this does not exist. When you really fall in love, you know that the other person has their faults, you may like them more or less, but in spite of it you remain by their side and you want them as they are.

When we drop their blindfold and see the other person's defects, we often try to change them, to make the feeling of perfectness come back. But that person has always been like that, but we did not see him or her with the same eyes. If you want a person to change, this person may not be right for you.

What you feel when you fall in love is an unconditional affection towards the other person despite knowing that you have flaws.

In the following article, we give you the keys to know if you are in love.

How Do You Know when You Are Really in Love? - Top 7 Signs - Idealizing the person

Becoming a better person

The last of the signs that can show that you are really in love is that you change certain small things, you become a better person. This does not mean you change your personality, but you become a better version of yourself. When you are in love, you want to be at your best for both you and the person you love.

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How Do You Know when You Are Really in Love? - Top 7 Signs