How to Use Whipped Cream in Bed

By Mary Smith. Updated: July 14, 2017
How to Use Whipped Cream in Bed

Do you want to surprise your partner in bed with a thrilling sex game? Head to the kitchen, grab some whipped cream from the fridge and let the fun begin!

Using certain foods during sex can quench your sexual appetite and are therefore perfect for foreplay. If you've never thought about using cream when getting frisky with your partner, it's time to open your eyes to the endless possibilities. Read on for titillating tips on how to use the cream in bed.

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Steps to follow:

The element of surprise is key when using whipped cream in the bedroom. This is why it's much better not to mention this new addition to your partner and pull out a pot of cream when you are in the throngs of passion to watch his/her jaw drop!


A good way to start when using whipped cream in bed is to use it to write or draw something romantic on his/her stomach, e.g. the shape of a heart or your names' initials.

Then, to turn up the heat, take him or her by surprise by swiftly licking it off. The sudden change in atmosphere will leave him gobsmacked!

You can also secretly put some whipped cream on your finger and put it in his mouth so he can taste it. This will certainly turn him on and will give him a good idea of what's to come!

You can use it accompanied with other delicious ingredients you can play with such as strawberries, which are the most common. Dip a strawberry in the cream and slowly caress it across his lips. Lick the cream off his or her lips and let him or her bite of a bit of strawberry. Play with expectations. You may also be looking for how to use a whip in bed as well as/instead of whipped cream.


Repeat this process on your partner's erogenous zones - it will drive him crazy! If you want, you could also ask your partner to do the same with you, licking the cream off with his/her tongue. This is an extremely fun and exciting way of getting frisky in the bedroom.

Apart from the most common erogenous areas, remember each person gets turned on in certain body parts that can differ from your partners'. Here are some of the most curious areas you can try:

  • Toes
  • Abs
  • Back
  • Legs

We recommend reading the following articles to know exactly where his/her pleasure points are: where are a woman's erogenous zones and where are a man's erogenous zones.


To heighten sexual anticipation further, you could blindfold your partner and surprise him/her as you lick the whipped cream from various body parts. Doing this on his/her neck will drive him wild with pleasure. Read this article for some tempting tips on how to give good neck kisses.

The idea of this game is that your partner won't know which part of their body you'll move on to next, thus heightening suspense and desire.

How to Use Whipped Cream in Bed - Step 4

Another idea when using whipped cream in bed is to draw a path of cream across their body down towards their most intimate areas: start licking from the 'starting point' and make your way down to their penis/vagina.

You can also increase the amount of whipped cream used in the genitals, as it's the finish line and represents the well-deserved prize for getting to the finish line.


Whipped cream can also sweeten sexual intercourse. How? Dip your fingers in the cream and put them in your partner's mouth whilst you make love. You could also spread it along your neck and ask your partner to lick it off in the heat of passion to intensify sexual pleasure. Take a look at this article for how to enjoy sex more with my partner.


Are you or your partner lactose intolerant? You may also be vegan and still want to play with whipped cream in bed too. Nowadays there are many vegan and lactose-free whipped cream brands! So no excuses, start playing with whipped cream!

How to Use Whipped Cream in Bed - Step 7

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  • Make sure you clean it off properly after you use it or a kind of sick, unpleasant smell will stay on your body.
  • Another idea is to freeze the whipped cream so it's completely cold and use it on the guy or girl's nipples. However, we do not recommend putting a spray in the freezer, which is why it's best to freeze some whipped cream in a suitable container.

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How to Use Whipped Cream in Bed
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How to Use Whipped Cream in Bed

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