Jealousy in relationships

How to Make a Guy Jealous

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Make a Guy Jealous

Jealousy is not a good thing but when the object of your desire is further away than you'd like and you desperately want to attract their attention: jealousy seems to be the best choice! As the saying goes: "All is fair in love and war".

If you want to get a guy's attention you can use techniques to make them jealous and turn this fact into your advantage. Of course, you should learn how to do it because everything could go very wrong otherwise. So learn from the experts and learn how to make a guy jealous successfully in this OneHowTo article.

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Steps to follow:

Everything is easier in the technological age. In order to make a guy jealous, you just need to be near him, get out your mobile and start texting messages to your best friend, then mischievously laugh every time you receive a text message. What will he think? He'll think you're talking to another guy who is interested in you, whilst you've actually been doing nothing but laugh and talk on the phone the whole time you've been next to him.


In order to make a guy jealous, you need to look more beautiful than ever. You need to wear your best hairstyle, your best dress and most importantly, flash your best smile. If you don't want that person to realize that you're still looking at him or that you're trying to make him come running after you with jealousy, the most important thing is that you look good, happy and you're happy without him. The male ego is so strong that he won't be able to resist.

How to Make a Guy Jealous - Step 2

Talking to another man is undoubtedly the best way to make a guy jealous. It doesn't matter if he is your friend or the bar tender, the important thing is that your behavior is ambiguous without falling victim to flirtation. You can laugh a lot while talking to this person, make yourself appear a little intimidated or simply enjoy the conversation as much as you can, to the point you forget that you are trying to make a guy jealous.


Another trick is to ignore him. Avoid giving importance to their presence, their conversations, their looks or their existence. Of course, you must do it in a very natural way because if you feign it too much, it may seem like you're upset. Enjoy yourself as if he's not there in the same place. Laugh a lot, talk to other people and, preferably, leave before him.

How to Make a Guy Jealous - Step 4

You can also make a guy jealous if the two of you are in the same place, you say goodbye first and say you have another commitment you can't afford to miss. This will make him think that you are going out with someone else, even though you're only planning on putting your pyjamas on to lie in bed and eat ice cream, in the hope that he appears.


Keep busy. Why? So that he sees you have a life without him. How? Show him via social networks. It doesn't mean you should post photos of you posing with other boys on Facebook or posting all the photos from the only party you've been to in two months. Rather that he sees you continue to live your life and you're having a lot of fun without him. Controlling the regularity of your posts is also a good way, as you are continually on display and he will be constantly receiving your notifications.

How to Make a Guy Jealous - Step 6

Tell him you're busy and you're planning to meet someone else that day, but plan to meet another day. Don't have regrets, it's for the best. Similarly, if he calls you, tell him that you're just going out and ask him if he can call you another time. If you can't bear it, you can call him back at least 24 hours later.


If you want the guy to go out with you again or notice you, don't go overboard when making him jealous. Remember that this can be interpreted the wrong way. Jealousy is a double-edged sword. You must know when you've reached the limit and if that doesn't work, then you're better off looking for a guy who wants to be with you without the need to make him jealous.

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How to Make a Guy Jealous - Step 8

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How to Make a Guy Jealous