How to seduce a Sagittarius

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to seduce a Sagittarius

Impulsive, spontaneous, passionate is what people born under Sagittarius sign are. During their seduction you must capture their interest by showing that you are a great adventurer and you do not fear new experiences. These and other tips will get you on track to seducing a Sagittarius. If you want to know more, next we show you how to seduce a Sagittarius.

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Steps to follow:

Negativity is an attitude that Sagittarius do not appreciate at all, so if you are a person who constantly complains or sees the bad side of everything you will be unable to get close to them, instead they are attracted by adventure stories, travel and fun.


To seduce a Sagittarius one thing to keep in mind is that they love sex and are very direct when they want to have it, so if you also want an encounter do not give the matter much thought; people of this sign are ready to discuss the issue and have sex openly.

How to seduce a Sagittarius - Step 2

The spontaneity loved by Sagittarius should be translated into the seduction process and also in the sexual department, if you surprise them with your desire in an unexpected place, if you constantly tell them how much you want to sleep with them you will seduce them in an incredible way, so if you are not open to the subject you will have major impediments in getting together with this sign.


Things linked to seduction and things that are different are of interest to Sagittarius, going dancing, anything that makes contact with the body possible, the various techniques for pleasure; their world mostly revolves around pleasures so you must fulfil these desires in the road to seduction.

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  • Spontaneity, adventure and sex are very important elements to consider when it comes to seducing a Sagittarius
  • To seduce a Sagittarius you can not be afraid of sexual contact or be very bashful because they value the opposite

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How to seduce a Sagittarius
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How to seduce a Sagittarius

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