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The Best Sex Positions Men Prefer

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 29, 2017
The Best Sex Positions Men Prefer

A successful and enjoyable sexual encounter depends on many factors. The chemistry between the couple, the degree that each partner participates in the act, the desire to please the other, a willingness to enjoy the moment and of course, the positions that are chosen. It's clear that the male body is different from the female one and that men have several powerful erogenous zones and an amazing imagination. There are certain positions that can best stimulate these spots, and we'll explain what are the preferred sex positions for men, so read on and learn about these tips.

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Steps to follow:

In the Kama Sutra this is known as the Wild Furor position or more popularly known as "doggy style," and tops the list of favourites for one simple reason, men love it. It gives them enormous pleasure and excitement, as the penis rubs the woman's buttocks, allows for anal stimulation and clitoral stimulation, and for alternating between both vaginal and anal sex. It's often chosen for its ability to be both passionate and wild. It's recommended for those times when you want a rougher type of sex.

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The Best Sex Positions Men Prefer - Step 1

The Surprise is another favorite of the guys, allowing the man to control the movement while she relaxes, pulling her body down and allowing for penetration. The position of her legs gives a feeling of tightness while the man can touch her anus and stimulate her clitoris each time he pulls his penis out. Ideal for sex that's a bit wilder and highly enjoyable for the guys.

The Best Sex Positions Men Prefer - Step 2

The Trapeze is a position that's perfect for those looking for variety, but it's not easy to do and requires balance, relaxation and some skill. Maybe that's why men are aroused by this position. The woman sits on top and is penetrated, then the man takes her arms to lower her back slowly, while he pulls her torso towards him to achieve the right movement, leading to orgasm.

The Best Sex Positions Men Prefer - Step 3

The Armchair is a very sensual position in which both set the rhythm. The man helps his partner be penetrated, while she supports her legs gently on his shoulders and traps him with her legs, allowing him room to stimulate her clitoris. It's not so easy to achieve, so you can see why guys love the challenge.

The Best Sex Positions Men Prefer - Step 4

Deep penetration is one of the preferred sex positions for women too, and allows for deep and arousing penetration. She raises her legs on to his shoulders while she's being penetrated. The position allows the clitoris to be stimulated while he controls the movement and is the one responsible to please. It's a position recommended for achieving an intense orgasm.

The Best Sex Positions Men Prefer - Step 5

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  • These are some of the favourite positions for men, but it's always good to try several to see what turns your partner on the most
  • Remember, that part of the beauty of sex lies in experimentation, so don't be opposed to trying new things

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